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Experience New Heights With HotPod Yoga’s New Rooftop Pod!

Hotpod yoga. Being a self-confessed yoga convert who has recently jumped on the Bikram band-wagon, I certainly appreciate the transformative benefits of yoga and the health benefits of yoga in high temperatures. But yoga in […]

Fierce Grace: Move over Bikram, there’s a new hot yoga system in town

words by Samantha Whitaker Earlier this year, Hip & Healthy met Michele Pernetta, one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers. Having brought hot Bikram yoga to the UK 15 years ago, and after teaching the 26-posture […]

Braving Bikram: What are the real benefits of Bikram yoga, our writer finds out

Francesca Londoño-Brasington tries Bikram yoga with the very person who brought it to London in the first place, a good place to start we think. In recent months I have become a firm Pilates convert […]