Avocado Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect combination of sweet from the antioxidant packed berries and creamy from the skin loving avocado. So healthy and brilliantly quick to make, there is no reason to let the morning rush defeat […]

If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Eat Alkaline!

Claiming to restore the body to its optimum state, the alkaline diet is filled with nutritionally rich food devoid of refined sugar, gluten, cow’s dairy and meat. Glowing A-listers from Elle Macpherson to Miranda Kerr […]

If you only do one thing this week…Eat These Summer Skin Foods!

Finally, we are starting to see some sunshine! We are well on our way to summer living and alfresco dinning! But along with the warmer weather and longer days (heaven!), we also have to think […]

Five Ways With An Avocado: one of the world’s healthiest foods

words by Kathleen Fleming Considered by many health experts to be the world’s healthiest food, avocados are packed with many essential nutrients. Avocados are rich in good fats which are easily used by the body […]

Fat Facts: We interview nutritionist, Hayley, on the fats we should all be eating

words by Helen Carr We are constantly bombarded with advertising for “low fat” products, sworn to make you lose weight but enjoy your favourite foods. But what if it is not the fat in foods […]

Avocado Boats stuffed with Hummus & Carrot, Goji Berry and Ginger Sauce

recipe by Saskia Gregson-Williams We have gone a bit mad for avocados lately. They are so full of goodness, including great skin enhancing fats, that we find it hard to go a day without one. […]

Fuel Yourself First Thing: It’s all about the breakfast

Fuel first thing with a good breakfast   During the Christmas season we tend to eat more and because of this many of us decide that it would be a great idea therefore not to […]