Sweat IT is a raw, stripped back fitness concept that incorporates treadmill interval training, alongside functional strength and conditioning training in Aldwych, London. The vast variety of equipment and industry experts promise an effective and diverse workout, to ensure greater results.

Offering a different class every day, sessions are mixed up with 50% Rig and 50% Run. If running is not for you can opt for D-Rig, where you will spend the entire session on the Rig. All classes focus on something different, from the chest and back, legs and glutes, arms and shoulders and lastly core and abdominals.

Whether you want to shred, tone, gain strength, build lean muscle mass or train for a specific sporting challenge, Sweat IT classes are fast-paced, challenging and will get your heart pumping, endorphins flowing and help you burn maximum calories.

Classes are suitable for fitness levels and feature specialist running machines with a unique sledge and parachute mode to challenge you further. Whether you’re an elite athlete or treadmill novice, you can take any class at your own pace with the help and guidance of the team of experienced Sweat IT trainers.

Be sure to order your post workout shake before your class, with a range of delicious ‘spice girl’ flavours packed with nutritious ingredients, there is one for everybody’s taste!

Be aware Sweat It classes are not for the faint-hearted. The sessions are intense and hardcore but you are guaranteed to see great results and experience high flying endorphins!

Sessions range between 40-60 minutes and are priced from £15.50 as part of a package plan, or £21 for a drop-in session.


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