One thing’s for sure, stress is unavoidable in life. Whether it’s dealing with external stressors like managing work/life balance or that dreadful commute you take each day or more internal stressors like relationship problems or personal challenges, we can’t escape them, we can only manage them and find helpful coping strategies. Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing is paramount when dealing with symptoms relating to stress and one thing we’ve found to be a bit of a game changer is CBD. CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol, and it’s one of over 100 naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis plant. We’re certain you’ve heard of it by now! And while you’ll have seen it’s surge in popularity, making sure you’re choosing a trust-worthy brand is crucial. This is why we love sustainable wellness brand, KLORIS, for helping us fight modern-day stress.

KLORIS is a multi-award winning premium wellness brand providing a range of unique, high-quality CBD-based products from more traditional oils to luxurious balms, bath products and cosmetics. Most importantly, their products are designed and manufactured responsibly and sustainably (in the UK, might we add) using the finest hemp extracts and are formulated by leading Cambridge plant scientists for maximum efficacy.

KLORIS was founded by a diverse group of people whose career backgrounds range from a leading plant scientist, an artist, a music producer and serial entrepreneur. They all discovered the unique benefits of CBD for different reasons. Ranging from managing anxiety and insomnia to dealing with things like PTSD and chronic pain. They were passionate about using plant power to boost health and after two years of research and with over 20 years combined experience within plant science, they are proud to launch a superior and trusted range of CBD products. 

Here’s how their carefully crafted products could help boost your wellbeing… 


Because it’s thought to enhance the natural serotonin receptors in your brain, CBD can boost your mood and alleviate stress and anxiety. A small dose of their CBD Oil Drops under your tongue or in your morning coffee is all it takes. For those that are new to CBD, start with their 500mg to ease yourself in. For more experienced CBD users, their potent 1000mg will work wonders.


More and more of us swear by CBD to help get a better night’s sleep. In a higher dosage, its sedative effects can not only help to induce sleep, but can also give you a better quality of sleep that leaves you feeling totally rested when you wake up. Their CBD Bath Bombs, which are infused with 25mg of CBD, will melt away stress and help you relax before bed. We also love their CBD Bath Melts for an even more sumptuous way to wind down after a busy day. We love the melts because they are also perfect in the shower – handy for those of us who don’t have a bath!


Whether it’s chronic pain or a more specific problem such as monthly period pain, joint pain or a headache, CBD has huge pain relief potential. Use their soothing CBD Balm to help relieve stress-related tension in your body. It can be used on post-workout muscle pain, easing pain associated with arthritis and even help with menstrual cramps. Their high-potency 1000mg CBD Oil Drops are also a fantastic product to use to combat pain.


CBD is great for your skin thanks to its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also great for tackling skin problems such as acne and highly sensitive skin. Their newly-launched SUPERBOOST CBD Face Oil is free from mineral oil, preservatives, synthetic fragrance, colourants  and any other chemical ingredients which makes it perfect for even the most reactive of complexions. Their On-The-Go Skin CBD Balm is also a handy product to have in your bag when you’re out and about or travelling. 

What sets KLORIS apart…
KLORIS is passionate about being kind to the planet, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. As part of their ongoing commitment, they have partnered with the Woodland Trust on a ‘one for one’ initiative, whereby they plant a number of trees in line with products sold. It is currently supporting local partners in Brazil and Ecuador to reforest land that has been cleared in the past to provide connected habitat for species. Additionally, KLORIS never wrap any of their products or postage materials in plastic. The bottles themselves are glass, the lids are from recycled and 100% recyclable plastic and all package whilst kept to a minimum is unbleached, recycled kraft paper and cardboard. What’s not to love?

Want to learn more? Head to kloriscbd.com for more information and start your CBD journey with their amazing range of products.