If like us, you spend most of your life in activewear, then you’ll be excited to hear about The Sports Edit’s newest addition to their beautifully curated range of sportswear. Introducing the sustainable activewear brand on a mission to recycle more and waste less, Girlfriend Collective. These guys have really pulled out all the stops to create beautifully designed premium sportswear that doesn’t cost the planet, in fact, it actually helps it! Girlfriend Collective uses discarded recycled water bottles and fishnets to make the fabrics, saving them from mounting onto overflowing landfills. 25 water bottles go into each pair of leggings and 11 water bottles are used to create each sports bra! So far, Girlfriend Collective have recycled 8 million water bottles, preventing 316,072kg of CO2 entering the atmosphere by using pre-existing, post-consumer materials. Sustainability is at the heart of Girlfriend Collective and runs through all the stages of manufacturing from the ethical factories in Hanoi to the dying processes and the discarding of chemicals which get sent to their onsite wastewater treatment plant preventing them from polluting the local environment.

As well as sustainability, Girlfriend Collective have considered a diverse range of women when designing their collection, making a wide range of sizes that are accessible to women of all shapes and figures. These guys are all about inclusion.

Girlfriend Collective believe that good things come to those who don’t waste. With brands like them pioneering the way in sustainable fashion, it makes it so much easier for consumers to make positive changes for the environment whilst still feeling excited about their new purchase.

I’m converted… where can I shop in the UK? The Sports Edit is the only place that you can get your hands on Girlfriend Collective in Europe so be sure to check out their curated range online or in-store.


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