We all know what’s lying right ahead of us in winter: colds, the exchange of germs and infections, tiredness and a lot of Christmas pudding. There are ways to prepare for the colder months by getting our bodies ready and working at its optimum. One way this is possible is to stock up on essential winter supplements that will give you the boost you need to maintain a strong defense and boost your immunity. That’s not to say that supplements are the only way to ensure optimum vitamin levels though. Eating natural and whole foods is also vital in maintaining a strong, healthy body. Below are five key supplements to think about adding to your shopping list or worth checking for in a multivitamin!


Vitamin D
This is a no-brainer! Winter limits our exposure to sunlight and our ability to absorb vitamin D. In 2016 Public Health England said everyone should consider taking a supplement containing 10 micrograms during the winter months because it is difficult to meet this requirement through food alone. Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body so is important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

Natural sources: Oats, mushrooms and egg yolks


Omega 3 Fish Oil
A great fish oil can help boost low mood during the winter months and can improve brain function. That’s because a fish oil contains two types of fatty acids; DHA and EPA.

Natural sources: Oily fish like salmon and mackerel


Vitamin A
Vitamin A boosts our immune system, fights infection and improves dry skin. Pregnant women should avoid taking too much of this as it can be toxic in large quantities.

Natural sources: Sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, winter squash, lettuce, dried apricots and bell pepper.


Vitamin C
It is not uncommon to see everyone chugging down orange juice during the winter months and this is because oranges contain vitamin c, a great supplement for winter because it helps fight against the common cold and helps keep our body’s cells healthy and functioning at its optimum. Juice is normally high in sugar so consider taking a supplement or a multivitamin with Vitamin C.

Natural sources: Strawberries, citrus fruits, papayas, kiwis and bell peppers


Vitamin B-Complex
B Vitamins are shown to help symptoms of depression and Alzheimer’s and too much stress can impact levels in our body. Think, energy, great mood and skin!

Natural sources: fish, chicken, brown rice and oats

words by Zahra Khimji – @firebirdfit

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