As more people move towards holistic healing, many now consider physical, emotional and mental well-being under the umbrella of ‘health’. With this shift in what we consider to be “healthy”, individuals are turning to the likes of aromatherapy, meditation, and plant medicine to fill in the gaps in their self-care. However, with so many avenues to improve wellness, it can become overwhelming.

Health and wellness supplements provide a convenient way to aid overall well-being, fill in any nutrition gaps, and enhance your mental or physical performance. In the past decade, these products have gained immense popularity for boosting energy, improving concentration, poor sleep, symptoms of mood disorders and promoting relaxation. Although, before trying any natural remedy or supplement, research is a must to ensure you’re getting the right product for your lifestyle.

In this article, we will highlight what you need to look for in a supplement and how to discover high-quality brands. What’s more, we will introduce you to Alphagreen, the health and wellness marketplace set to transform the well-being industry.

Why Quality Matters When Buying Wellness Supplements

Due to the staggering growth in the supplements industry, we have seen tons of new and old brands emerging with their own wellness collections. Even though there are many options to choose from, it has created an environment that is difficult to navigate with misinformation and varying quality guidelines. Currently, the market faces a lack of regulation, meaning the quality, contents and safety of products may differ drastically. 

Why you should take your time choosing premium supplements:

  • A lack of regulation in some supplements;
  • An overwhelming amount of options make it difficult to choose;
  • To understand what you’re paying for and what dose is suitable for you;
  • An abundance of misinformation regarding newer ingredients.

Some well-being products come with certifications and regulations, while newer “trending” items aren’t so cut and dry. CBD, for example, has overtaken the wellness industry, slipping its way into skincare, food, beverages, capsules, oils and more. Although many people use CBD for its potentially relieving, soothing and relaxing properties, it is highly unregulated.

Despite the lack of regulation around wellness supplements, especially CBD, it isn’t to say safe products don’t exist. Many people encompass natural remedies as part of their daily rituals, but knowing what to look for and where to shop is important.

What to Look for in Health and Wellness Supplements?

It’s vital to research the specific supplement you intend to take before including it in your routine. We advise discussing food and dietary supplements with a healthcare provider as they may interact with medication or medical conditions. That said, there are numerous factors you can look for that may indicate a reliable, high-quality product.

Below we have highlighted the key elements to look for when buying wellness products to ensure you’re enjoying nature’s produce in the safest form.

  • Third-party testing: While many supplements may not lack regulation, reputable brands will usually have a third-party test their products. This additional analysis will confirm if the product is safe, what it contains and if the label correctly describes the supplement. 
  • Ingredients list: When deciding whether to trust a brand, transparency is key. Knowing the ingredients is essential for people who may have allergies, sensitivities, or simply personal preferences. What’s more, if you take medication, have an underlying health condition or are pregnant, you may have a list of ingredients that you need to avoid.
  • Growing and manufacturing: For some supplements, it may be beneficial to understand the production process. Not only does it provide transparency and trust, but it may also indicate the quality of the final product if the manufacturer used harmful products (such as pesticides), and what other ingredients it contains.
  • Lab reports: In some cases, like buying CBD, viewing lab reports is vital for choosing the right product for you. For CBD to be legal, it must only contain trace levels of THC (the intoxicating compound in cannabis), which is highly unlikely to cause psychoactive effects. To ensure your supplement includes a safe, legal amount of THC, lab reports provide you with a detailed breakdown of the components and the percentage in the product. Furthermore, lab reports also indicate how much CBD is present, so you can confirm that the label indicates the correct amount. 
  • Get to know your doses: Most products display strength and a recommended dose on the packaging; however, not many people understand what those numbers actually mean. We advise researching your chosen supplement, what the experts consider a low or high dose, how much to have per day and what is best for your particular wellness goals?
  • Organic, natural solutions: More people turn to wellness supplements for their natural ingredients and nutritional, genetic profile. That said, some supplements are better than others as they may contain additional substances that you may prefer to avoid. 

Natural, high-quality ingredients may be the difference between a supplement working for you or not. What’s more, buying organic extracts free from herbicides and pesticides is essential to ensure the extract isn’t contaminated with harmful substances. Understanding the manufacturing process, viewing lab reports and ingredients lists are all great ways to ensure your supplement is natural.

Buying Wellness Supplements: Where to Start?

Starting a supplements journey can be overwhelming. With an overload of information online, it is difficult to navigate and assess the reliability of each source. Thankfully, the new health and wellness marketplace, Alphagreen, is leading the way with an innovative approach to supplements. With a focus on CBD and natural remedies, they hand-pick the best brands for you to choose from.

Taking care of your well-being will never be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution – an ethos that Alphagreen embodies. Their user-friendly platform aims to educate, tailor your experience, and recommend the best wellness products for your lifestyle. Instead of trolling the internet for information regarding your chosen supplement, Alphagreen has everything in one place from their research-backed Academy blog, detailed product descriptions and responsive customer care team.

This marketplace is more than just a smooth shopping experience. They vet each brand, ensuring they are third-party tested, have the necessary certifications and provide a full ingredients list. Moreover, the team provides information about each supplement, its potential benefits and how to use it!

What Supplements Does Alphagreen Offer?

With an expert team at the “forefront of innovation”, they strive to provide natural remedies for “every day, in every situation”. This holistic marketplace features CBD gummies https://alphagreen.io/collections/cbd-gummies.html, CBD vape, CBD tea, and a wide range of CBD drinks. 

Although they have a firm footing in the CBD market, including their own brand Alphagreen CBD collection, the team is aware that it might not be right for everyone. With that, they also provide alternative, natural remedies, including their newest brand Yawns, founded by the Alphagreen Group Limited.

How to Purchase the Right Supplement for You?

Starting the journey to improving your health and well-being is a lot to take in, their team knows this. That’s why they’re on hand to answer all and any questions you might have. The academy blog covers a vast range of well-being topics to help you get started, but if you need more support, the team offers free consultations through their quick, responsive live chat and friendly customer calls. The Alphagreen family is home to tech, finance, health and wellness experts from all over the world. So, you can trust their safe, personalised and friendly advice.

Alphagreen takes wellness seriously while making it easy for you to make informed decisions about your well-being. Instead of selling you the next trending supplement, they provide you with the tools to decide what supplements are right for you, all while supporting every step of your health and wellness journey. This customer-focused marketplace has bridged a gap we didn’t even know we needed. It’s clear they care for their customers from the growing Facebook community, website accessibility options, a ‘no spam’ approach in their emails, and a money-back policy.

In case you’re keen to learn more about CBD, natural supplements, or have a question about their thorough quality guidelines, Alphagreen is your one-stop-shop.