This present day, awareness and research about the benefits of key green superfoods (chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass to name a few) have become more prolific than ever. What’s more, with such fabulous foods available in convenient powdered form, consuming all the necessary vitamins and minerals has never been easier. But with so many different types of brands on offer, which one is for you? Never fear hip and healthies, for we have summarized the best of the best, so that you can select the greens that get you glowing with gorgeous goodness!

For ultimate detoxification – Neal’s Yard Organic Greens Complex
Feeling out of kilter? Need to rebalance after an overly indulgent summer? Then Neal’s Yard Organic Greens Complex powder is the one for you. Easy to include into your daily diet, simply sprinkle over food, in your tasty smoothie or juice, or even swap your regular espresso for an energy providing shot of green goodness!

Containing spirulina, spinach, parsley, chlorella, seagreens, barely grass, wheat grass, green tea, oat grass and acerola cherry powder extract, this powerhouse powder is bursting with antioxidants, chlorophyll and essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy alkaline balance, support healthy function of organs, and encourage a strong blood cell count. The result? A purified immune system, abundant energy levels and an effective, detoxified inner self that radiates inside and out!


For ingredients sourced from the most nutritious of places – Organic Superblends
With chia seeds functioning as the pivotal ingredient of the powder, these little seeds of goodness are mixed with an alkalizing blend of superfood powders such as New Zealand wheatgrass and Hawain spirulina. Guaranteed to be organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, soy free and of course 100% raw, all ingredients sourced are harvested in climates where they yield the most nutrition. With all products containing no fillers, no artificial ingredients, no added sugar, flavours or preservatives, this superb superblend can be used in smoothies, juice or yogurt. What’s more, with every powder purchased, not only are you treating your own self to a treat of pure goodness, but also children across the UK, India and East Africa who have experienced poverty, abuse and neglect. Yes, that’s right, 10p is donated from every pouch sold to the Railway Children’s Charity – so buy your powders in the bulk!


For fitness fanatics – Organic Burst Super Greens Bundle
Basing its mantra purely on the terrific trio: chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass, this is a must for all you gym bunnies. Organic Burst chlorella is a rich source of chlorella ‘Growth Factor’, a compound that quadruples itself every 24 hours! This, combined with the vitamins and essential fatty acids provided by the wheatgrass and spirulina helps the reparation of skin cells and muscle tissue – therefore a perfect dietary supplement to ensure you restore and protect your body after a rigorous workout. What’s more, the ‘three amigos’ (chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass) contain thyroid-maintaining iodine and serve as a source of fibre which is not only good for your digestion and metabolism, but also helps you feel fuller for longer – preventing you from choosing unhealthy snacks between meals and gym sessions. Perfect for keeping that summer beach-bod trim and toned well into the winter months!


For the taste value – Wholefoods Green Superfood All Natural Drink Powder
Harvested by a family-run farm in Kansas, this raw food blend contains all the necessary superfood greens we know and love, but has a sweet, fruity kick to make the taste a sensation. For those of you who find most green superfood powders unpalatable, this is a must if you want a sweeter experience. Enjoy the additional antioxidant blend of raspberry, rose hips, pineapple, acerola cherry and apple pectin to ensure that your healthy addition to water, smoothie, juice, or any beverage for that matter (perhaps a funky fruit mocktail?) is anything but bittersweet. And of course, being gluten free, soy free and dairy free, this is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.


For those who make the quality of their powder a priority – Pukka ‘Clean Greens’ Powder
Many herbal teas or supplements on offer today vary greatly in quality, even if they don’t in the quantity of the herb present. This means that the ‘phytochemical character’ of that supplement may be substandard. Sadly, this affects the nutritional value and stops the supplement being as tasty as it could be. This occurs when manufacturers include cheaper food grade herbs rather than more exclusive ‘pharmacopoeial grade’ herbs. For Pukka, only the latter will do. Carefully selected herbs such as nettle leaf, chlorella, seagreens, kale seed sprouts, spirulina, parsley leaf and ginger to name a few, are primarily sourced from the most bountiful locations on the globe, then further tested to ensure the nutritional value has not been spoiled in the process. Pukka gets the pharmacopoial seal of approval, to ensure you get the full potential of natures goodness. Pretty Pukka don’t you think?


For those concerned with anti-aging – Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder
This natural multivitamin, high in antioxidants and rich in plant protein, is 100% organic, made from the naturally dried leaf of the moringa ‘miracle tree’ – and a health and beauty miracle it certainly is. Containing all nine amino acids and higher antioxidant levels than goji berries, green tea, blueberries, acai and pomegranates, dry and damaged hair, nail, skin and eyes will be a thing of the past. Being 25% protein, 24 times more iron than spinach and 21% more calcium than milk, this super-effective superfood aids protein synthesis, maintains normal oxygen transport in the body and even regulates hormonal activity to reduce the effects of stress, tiredness and fatigue. If that wasn’t enough, being a powder from dried leaves rather than an algae, drinking a beverage that mimics that of pond water is a thing of the past. Here’s to the new, brighter, younger you!

words by Olivia Murphy

image: Hip & Healthy Green Machine Smoothie – Recipe here!