We love healthy granola, but it’s often hard to come across one that isn’t full of refined sugar, gluten and artificial flavourings. As here at Hip & Healthy we like to be all-inclusive and provide options for all of our foodie friends, gluten intolerant included, we are super excited to share with you a granola alternative that everyone can enjoy. Created by Nutritional Therapy student Louise Amy Lee, this week we caught up with the self-confessed cereal addict who was lovely enough to share a recipe she has on high rotation this Summer featuring her very own Superfood Quinola. Over to Louise…

I created Louola’s Superfood Quinola as a grain, dairy and unrefined sugar free cereal alternative, naturally high in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Louola’s can be enjoyed as a healthy addition to your meals and even desserts as you’ll see below.

An all time favourite summer dessert is homemade Orange sorbet. There’s nothing better than a delicious and refreshing treat to cool off on a warm summers day with the added benefit of our daily dose of Vitamin C!


  • 1 Cup of Agave Nectar
  • 6 Oranges
  • 1/2 Cup of Lemon Juice
  • 1 Cup of Water


  • Begin by cutting the top of the orange. Cut enough away so you can remove the flesh from the shell with a sharp knife and spoon. Be sure to do this over a container to catch the juices and place all the orange flesh into a bowl. Remove any pips from the orange flesh or juice.
  • To prepare the shells rinse them under water and set aside to dry.
  • In a saucepan bring the agave nectar and water to boil on a low heat.
  • Whilst you are waiting, put the orange flesh and juice into a blender and blend until a liquid consistency.
  • Once the agave nectar and water has boiled, stir in the juiced liquid.
  • Poor the mixture into a dish and freeze for 4 hours.
  • After 4 hours, remove this mixture from the freezer and place into a food processor or blender. Blend the mixture until it is smooth.
  • Place the mixture back into the bowl and freeze again for 1 hour.
  • Once the mixture is ready, remove it from the freezer and fill the orange shells to round ¾ full.
  • Top the shells with a large spoonful of *Louola’s Superfood Quinola flavour #3: Mixed Nuts, Cranberry and Cinnamon. Sprinkle some extra Quinola over the edges.
  • You can add a swirl of Agave nectar if you are after an extra sweet treat!

Visit Louise’s website for more information & recipe ideas here: www.louolas.co.uk/recipe-ideas