To all bloating sufferers out there… we might have the answer to your tummy woes!

You might have heard about activating (or soaking) your food before, but we’re going to explain this seemingly odd concept and break down exactly what it entails and why it could be the answer to your digestive issues.


What Is Does Activated Mean?
Activating simply means soaking certain types of food for over 24 hours in salted water at room temperature, then rinsing and baking. An ancient process dating back to Aboriginal times, soaking and drying nuts, seeds and grains enhances nutrients, ensuring they are easier for the body to absorb.


What Are The Advantages?
Loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats (to name a few), raw nuts and seeds are a great healthy snack. However, the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that they contain, reduce the bodies ability to absorb nutrients properly and can cause digestive discomfort. Coeliacs and those with tummy issues like IBS can rejoice, soaking helps stop the germination process which not only drastically increases the nutrient value of food, it makes it far easier to digest.

Soaked nuts and grains have also ‘sprouted,’ meaning their digestive enzymes have activated which is great for the metabolism. In the words of I Quit Sugar’s Sarah Wilson, ‘the more enzymes you eat, the less of your own body’s are required to break down food, which keeps you younger for longer.’ Plus, activating nuts and seeds makes them taste crunchier, toastier and delicious.


How Do I Activate?
Activating nuts, seeds and grains at home is super easy, simply soak 2 cups of your nuts of choice in a bowl and cover them with water mixed with 1-2 tsp of salt. Leave to soak for 7-12 hours (slightly longer for almonds) before draining and then roast or dehydrate at the lowest temperature possible for between 12 and 24 hours. Enjoy in smoothies, mylks, on top of salads, sprinkled on porridge or as a healthy snack.


No time to soak?
Fortunately, activated products are popping up everywhere! Raw Ecstasy’s range of nuts (and new nut butters!) come in a range of delicious flavours which you can easily shop at Planet Organic in-store and online! We also love Rude Health’s sprouted flours which are great for baking!

words by Molly Jennings