London’s first strictly women-only strength and conditioning studio, StrongHer, is opening its doors in Bethnal Green this August and we couldn’t love the concept more. Testosterone filled gyms can be daunting and often put many of us off using the usually male-dominated areas of the gym but StrongHer is on a mission to change this by educating and empowering women. 

The space aims to be a supportive environment that prioritises women’s health. Filled with all the hardcore equipment, StrongHer bridges the gap between no-frills gyms and boutique fitness studios. Build off the back of the success StrongHer fitness community set up by cofounders Tig Hodson and Sam Prynn, who have helped over 300 women from all walks of life improve their confidence and self-esteem through they’re strength-based programmes, have a place to call home was just what the community needed to grow. 

Strength and resistance training are the foundations on StrongHer, so you can expect lots of new and innovative way to incorporate weight lifting into your fitness regime with a sprinkle of cardio, mobility and HIIT on top. Not only does weight-lifting build a toned physic but it is an amazing way to make you feel empowered! If you’ve got an image of yourself as a bodybuilder in your head, with biceps the size of footballs, you can wipe that image straight away…StrongHer focuses on lean muscle gain that carves out the body, this type of training is also super beneficial for all other aspects of exercise as your body will feel stronger.

The studio offers their state of the art gym, classes, small group training, PT sessions and the StrongBar which serves up refuelling post-workout smoothies. StrongHer will also continue to run their much-loved WarriorProject which introduces women with no experience or low confidence to weight training helping boost both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Classes on offer…

Lvl Up- Fast paced strength. Taking weight training to the next level.

Force- A combination of strength, speed and power. Full body strength and conditioning. 

Strong- All strength, no cardio. Log pressing, sled dragging, prowler pushing, tyre flipping.

Mission- Team based HIIT and strength session.

F**nktional- Fusion of kettlebells, TRX and calisthenics.

Reflow- Mobility class, combining; animal flow, yoga, pilates and core.

Strides- A technical running club. Technique, pace and distance for experienced and first time runners. 

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