Achy joints, neck strain, tight hamstrings, lower back pain…we could go on forever with this but I’m sure you get the gist! Any of these sound familiar? For most of us stuck behind a desk from 9-5, the answer is probably yes. Believe or not, a sedentary lifestyle is not natural for the human body, spending the majority of your day hunched over a computer has detrimental effects on the body, that over time can cause serious issues. So, should we all just hand in our notice? Of course not, working is non-negotiable…a more realistic approach is regular stretching and mobility work, and we’re not just talking about a quick 5 minute stretch after your workout!

Bringing a fresh concept to London, StretchLAB is the first studio of its kind, offering 1-on-1 assisted dynamic stretching. Positioned in the heart of Fitzrovia, StretchLAB aims to counteract damage and prevent potential damage, as well as help recover from intense physical activity. Welcome to everybody from gym-goers to office workers and everyone in-between, StretchLAB works on your personal impairments to improve them leaving you fully stretched out!

Each session kicks off with a full-body TheraGun massage. These tech devices have become a phenomenon for recovery as they have the ability to target deep into hard to reach muscles and speed up DOMS restoration. Following this invigorating process, it’s straight down to business!

A pre-warning about StretchLAB, this is not a relaxing treatment! This results-driven experience is for most people, quite painful but in all the best ways possible. You really have to tune into your ‘ujjayi breath’ and dig deep as your Stretchologist is going to have you in positions you didn’t even know you had the ability to do. You will be eased into each position which will grow slightly more challenging as you move through the stages of the stretch.

The most interesting thing I found from this experience was the imbalances within my body that I had no idea I had. For example, my left hip is way more tight than my right. Your Stretchologist will do their best to answer any questions you may have like this, with some pointers on what you can do to continue to improve it. I also love the bespoke element provided at StretchLAB, as mentioned as my left hip was very tight and therefore causing me more discomfort, we worked closely on this spending a little more time to ensure it got the attention it needed!

Like most things, StretchLAB is not a one-session cure. You will no doubtedly feel immediately more mobile and loosened after only one session but regular sessions will achieve the best results which you will benefit from long term. Frequent sessions will increase blood flow and oxygen which protects the joints, allow better mobility and alignment, reduce your risk of muscle strain, correct any muscle imbalances in your posture, increase flexibility, alleviate sore or tight muscles and heal existing injuries. Aside from the infinite physical benefits, StretchLAB is an excellent way to relieve tension build up from stress, helping to calm the mind and release negative energy in the body. Leaving you standing taller, straighter and feeling your very best, StretchLAB is the ultimate way to invest in your health, which is a motto we live by!

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words by Isabelle Shury