Oh, boy, do we need some good news right now… just 3 weeks ago we wrote 10 Positive News Stories To Lift Your Mood when rumblings of coronavirus started seeping into our lives and now, it’s all anyone is thinking about as we experience a national lockdown, the first of its kind since the war. Crazy.

So we wanted to do another piece on positive news to keep your spirits high. There may be a lot of negativity in the world right now but it’s important to not let the good things happening get lost. So, read on for some more nuggets of good news that will give you a sense of hope amongst the chaos.


Venice lockdown has resulted in crystal clear waters for the first time in years and there are signs wildlife populations are starting to build back up.


Retired nurse, Joy, aged 94, is believed to be the oldest person in the UK to have survived coronavirus. While a 103-year-old woman in China is said to be the oldest person EVER to beat the disease.


750,000 people in the UK have volunteered to assist the NHS after a call from the government. The initial call was for 250,000 which was quickly surpassed by almost double in 24 hours.


China has now stated that more people have recovered than people still infected as it’s strict quarantine measures seems to have drastically reduced new infections.


James Dyson invented a ventilator in just 10 days and with an order from the government, manufacturing company, JCB are already creating the warehouse ready for the ventilators to start rolling out.


Italy has become the first country to introduce mandatory climate education in all state schools.


The European Space Agency has released imagery from its satellite that shows a drastic reduction in Nitrogen Dioxide across built-up cities in Asia and Europe, indicating pollution levels have dropped in the last 6 weeks since coronavirus hit.


Newlyweds Adam and Fiona Gorden from East Yorkshire sadly had to cancel their reception part of their wedding day due to coronavirus. Instead, the couple called upon their catering company and asked them to donate the food they were meant to be having to workers at local hospitals.


Our very own Sadie Reid has started a charity with two friends, one of whom is a doctor, called Duty To Care which is all about providing NHS workers with wellbeing support via free online consultations to improve and sustain their mental health. If you’re a wellbeing professional who wants to help or you want to donate, click here.


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced that 300 hotel rooms would be reserved to help homeless people get off the streets in a bid to give them a safe space to self-isolate.