Before the British moved in, Stanley was the largest settlement on the island. Today, it evokes an European meets Asia atmosphere with its café lined coast and open-air bars. If it’s a bit of peace and quiet that you are after there are two places worth visiting. Although better well-known for its stretch of sand on the northern Stanley coastline, the little beach on the south coast (to the left of the market) is much less crowded and a great place for a picnic. The other place is actually amongst the rocks that jut out to sea. Although, not the most comfortable of locations, the unobstructed views of the South China Sea on a clear day are beautiful, just bring a towel to use as a cushion.

Stanley is perhaps most renowned for its market, which is not all its cracked up to be. However, if you want to discover something a little more authentic then make sure you pay a visit to the market stall which is very close to the aforementioned small beach, on the left hand side of the main market if you were looking out to sea. Choose from beautifully, hand-crafted ceramics collected from all over China and wonderful antique wooden games. But remember to haggle.