Health blogs have risen in popularity over the last few years with the industry at its peak. They are a great tool for readers to gain a wealth of knowledge in many different sectors of the wellbeing world and are a fantastic way for experts to reach a wider audience if managed and structured properly. Content is king as people often say but it’s not just about the content when growing your blog. There are definitely some helpful techniques that will be useful to know to help maximise your efforts. With help from Shopify, let’s look at some easy tips to help make sure your blog doesn’t go unnoticed!

What, How Often and When?
Many articles deal with the subject of blogging frequency. In other words, how often is too often and what is the bare minimum? This is a rather flexible topic and often depends on the how much commitment can be given by the blog owner but as a general rule, it’s a good idea to put out roughly three new posts every week. This will keep your readers interested and it also illustrates to Google that your page is active; helping to increase its ranking within the search results.

An important factor to try and nail if you’ve just started your blog is to try to narrow down your content to a specific health-related topic as opposed to talking about a wide range of topics. Specific subject matter will help to cement a loyal audience over time as opposed to a handful of transient readers. It is also recommended to stick with a familiar topic and one you are deeply passionate about or maybe even have qualifications in as you will generally be able to provide a greater level of knowledge and expertise.

Timing of posting
Most experts feel that a staggered schedule (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) is ideal due to the fact that users can easily remember when to look for new material. Also, try to post in the late afternoon or the early evening. These are the times when your guests will be able to read the blog (as opposed to during the day while they are at work). 

Creating a Website from the Ground Up
Many health bloggers eventually reach the point when they feel a need to expand by creating a dedicated website. This is a good idea for several reasons. First, it will help the blog itself gain more exposure thanks to the strength of hyperlinks in relation to Google. Another point to mention is that websites are great portals to employ if you wish to sell products or services alongside your growing blog. You will also be happy to learn that it is now possible to employ a user-friendly website builder alongside general knowledge. This type of tool will provide you with a number of styles and design options; enabling your brilliant content to stand out and catch people’s attention.

Health blogs are an amazing tool to help the owner really connect, encourage and inspire their audience to live their healthiest and happiest life. If you have something to say or feel compelled to pass your knowledge on to others, the sky is the limit when creating a blog and the possibilities are endless.