Although it may not feel like it, Spring is just around the corner. So with that in mind, we’re getting all excited about the Spring active-wear on the market. It’s time to revamp your work out wardrobe and invest in some key colourful pieces that are going to take your boring blacks leggings leaping into the new season. Here are a few of our favourite brands…

HPE (http://hpe-shop.com)
HPE stands for human performance engineering, which means that each garment in this collection of forward-thinking sports wear is created with a number of different functions in mind and responds to the environment around you. The man behind the brand, Nick Harris, works with yarn construction, shape, fabric and technology to make sure that blood flow is regulated and body temperature maintained. And it is oh-so-stylish too. What’s not to love.
Above: Classic Vest in Red, £35

Asquith (http://www.asquithlondon.com)
Forerunners in yoga and Pilates wear, Asquith London uses bamboo and GOTC certified organic cotton to create its fab range of clothes. Bamboo is pretty brilliant as not only is it naturally anti-bacterial, durable and beautiful to wear it also grows really quickly making it very sustainable. We have fallen in love with their colours too, as the range is filled with crushed raspberry and apricot hues – perfect for a sunny Spring.
Above: Loose T raspberry, £49

Polar (http://www.polar.com)
Investing in a running watch is one of the best things joggers can do to improve their performance and their health. Polar has a fantastic selection that do everything from monitor heart rate, display calories burned and even tell you if you are fat burning or improving fitness, helping you to stick to your goals. Plus we’re suckers for technology that comes in pretty colours.
Above: FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, £93.50

Nike (http://store.nike.com/gb/en_gb/)
Forever innovative and stylish sports wear brand, Nike, never disappoint. Their brand new range of Flyknit Lunar1+ are perfect for a spring run. The shoes are literally steam moulded onto your foot allowing for the most perfect fit. This means that the period of time when one has to wear the shoes in (often involving long painful runs that result in blisters) have become a thing of the past. They are also incredibly light and come in a range of colours. Not even an April shower will be able to deter you from your morning jog once these babies are on your feet.
Above: Flyknit Lunar1+, £130

Oysho (http://www.oysho.com)
A new discovery for us, this Spanish brand is first and foremost specialises in underwear. However, they have recently broken into the gym wear market and we are loving what we’re seeing: Easy-to-wear stylish pieces that not only are made for working-out but won’t look out of place in a chic café. The price point is incredibly reasonable and the model working the looks has the most fabulous legs. Nothing to do with the clothes, we know, but makes us want to buy them even more than we do already. Definitely one to watch.
Above: Oysho Sneakers, £29.99 / Plush Shorts, £17.99 / Windbreaker Jacket with Hood, £39.99 / Mesh Top, £19.99