There really is no better time than Spring to do a good clean out of all the products that are no longer serving you. With new technology and advanced formulations emerging every moment, why not use the changing of the clocks to reset more than just your sleep, but your skin also. Here we hail the serums, creams, supplements and sleep gadgets that are transforming both sleep and skin alike…

Lumity Life Morning & Night Supplement

Lumity’s clinically proven supplements produce astounding results in both the sleep and skin department. Using a first-of-its-kind dual formula designed to deliver advanced anti-ageing results, targeted nutrition and optimum health, 84% of testers trialling Lumity Life’s Morning & Night Supplement recorded better sleep and more energy, and a whopping 92% noticed improved skin with fewer lines and wrinkles as well as glossy hair and strong nails. Ingredients include a powerhouse blend of vitamins, omegas and antioxidants, which also contribute to a strong immune system and support brain health too.

Rituals Jing Hand Mask

No bedside is complete without a great quality, and beautifully scented, hand cream and this Ritual of Jing Hand Mask really is the best. Enriched with Sacred Wood and Lavender to help clear the mind and promote the quality of sleep, this rich and luxurious hand will soothe and soften rough, dry hands. I like to massage mine into my hands using specific relaxing acupressure points to further promote a great night’s sleep.

Luxe + Hardy Multi-Climatic Pyjamas

It would be remiss of me not to mention sleepwear when discussing how to get the ultimate night’s beauty sleep. When it comes to clothes that are conducive to sleeping better (and feeling amazing) there really is only one brand – Luxe + Hardy. They’re grandad style shirts and pyjama bottoms are multi climatic which means that if you’re hot they’ll cool you down and vice versa. They have also just released a set of linen shorts and shirts for bedtime bliss that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Dreem Distillery Among The Stars

Described as an unparalleled pre-bed treatment that takes the skin and senses to somewhere starlit, Dreem Distillery’s Among The Stars is a luxurious, sleep-enhancing body oil that will soothe both skin and mind alike. Using broad-spectrum CBD combined with calming botanicals, and organic essential oils renowned for their soporific effects, this really is a body oil that will have you drifting into a deep and restorative sleep and waking with skin softer than you imagined possible.

Lumie Light

As the days get longer it is a great time to allow your body to sync with it’s natural circadian rhythms, however, there will always be times when you need to get up before the cockerel crows (can you tell I live in the country now), that’s where a Lumie Light comes in handy. Lumie wake-up lights are like a personal sunrise that wakes you up gradually, helping you to feel naturally more awake and ready to tackle the day ahead. Before you go to sleep – swap the light from your screens (we all do it!) to one of these and you’ll enjoy a fading sunset that creates an environment where sleep comes easily, leaving you rested and refreshed when you next wake.

Neom Organic’s Perfect Nights Sleep Oil

Introducing little bedtime beauty rituals is a great way to relax both body and mind. I like to use my eye crystals and gua sha and  Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Oil to give myself a small facial massage before I sleep. Your skin will thank you for it as this glowing blend contains oils rich in vitamins A, D, B, E, C & K and omegas 3, 6 & 9 including wheat germ oil, rosehip oil, soybean oil and cranberry seed oil. And the heavenly scent will help restore a sense of calm and tranquillity immediately after applying it.

Rescue Remedy Dream Balm

Designed to calm overactive nervous systems, Rescue Remedy’s Dream Balm helps relax and unwind your mind and muscles to prepare you for a great night’s sleep. Infused with Rescue Night flower essences signature blend, this is the perfect bedside companion, whilst the fragrant oils will soothe the mind, the balm also contains hemp seed oil to make skin feel silky smooth too. Editor’s Tip – works as a fantastic moisturiser for dry and damaged hands.

words by Sadie Reid