Considered among India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru is a yogi, renowned public speaker and bestselling author. A favourite amongst film stars and celebrities such as Will Smith, Sadhguru is known throughout the world for his transformational yoga programmes, and is also the founder of the Isha Foundation, a non-profit human-service organisation, supported by over 11 million volunteers in over 300 centres worldwide. 

Sadhguru: The last few months have been challenging times for all of us. When things are not going the way you want them to go, that is when your capability is most needed. But if you are anxious, worried and get into a panic, you will be paralyzed. A human being who is joyful, sensible and responsible can deal with situations much better than one who is fearful. 

#1 Keep Accounts of Your Joyfulness 
In business, only one who keeps accounts knows whether he is making money or going down. Similarly, you must maintain an account – “How many moments of joy did I have today?” We are not using joy as a goal. Joy does not mean that you attained to something. Joy is a measure – it simply means life has come to ease, you are not messing yourself up. 

Every day, if you keep accounts, you will see that no matter what the hell happens in life situations, you will not go down.

#2 Wake Up with a Smile 
When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile because just the fact that you woke up is not a small thing. Thousands of people who slept last night did not wake up today, but you did. So smile because you woke up. Then look around and if there is someone, smile at them. For millions of people, someone dear to them did not wake up this morning. Everyone who is dear to you woke up – Wow! It’s a great day, isn’t it? 

You may think this is ridiculous, but this is the most valuable thing – that you are alive and everything that matters to you is alive. Appreciate it and smile at least.

#3 Make the Best New Year Resolution
One of the resolutions you take for the New Year should be, “I meditate.” Right now your mind is the boss and you are the slave. As you become more meditative, you become the boss and your mind becomes the slave; there is a clear space between you and your body and mind. Once there is a distinct separation, this is the end of suffering because there are only two kinds of suffering you have known – physical and mental. Only when there is no fear of suffering, you will dare to explore the full scope of what it means to be human.

We love this free 12-minute meditation from Sadhguru called Isha Kriya. It is available on YouTube here – ishaeu.org/hipandhealthy

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