Revamping the traditional curry house, founder Grace Regan launched SpiceBox the aim of creating delicious plant-based Indian food and in our opinion, she has exceeded this! Not only is the vibe of SpiceBox cool and trendy but the food is out of this world. If you’re a fan of Indian food, you will no doubtedly love the delicious twists Grace as brought to the menu. Whether it’s a catch-up brunch with friends or a date night, SpiceBox caters from dusk to dawn with their mouth-watering dishes.

Out of her own frustration for not being able to find a decent vegan takeaway curry, Grace decided SpiceBox was exactly what London needed to fill the plant-powered Indian food gap in the market. Starting out as vegan street food, SpiceBox earned themselves a cult following thanks to their comforting daals and fragrant tandoori cauli steaks at the foodie hotspot KERB. From this success, SpiceBox opened, the UK’s first-ever fully vegan curry house in Walthamstow offering, brunch, lunch, dinner and takeaways!

There are so many layers to this business that we admire, one of the main ones being that it’s run by a young female entrepreneur! Every detail has been attentively thought through from the local suppliers to the quirky interiors and the ‘tiffin box’ reusable takeaway scheme. Collaborating with East-London based plant-based milk company, Minor Figures to create Indian inspired drinks and sustainable plant-based meat company, ‘THIS’ to create protein-rich dishes, SpiceBox does their best to work alongside brands with similar initiatives that follow the same values.

SpiceBox’s unique zero-waste takeaway tiffin box scheme allows you to fill it up with your choice of the set menu to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Next time you fancy a SpiceBox takeaway just bring in your tiffin and they’ll re-fill it for you, leaving you feeling guilt-free after an indulgent takeaway night with no plastic in sight.

Putting a spotlight on convenient, nutritious, fresh and flavourful Indian food that also happens to be vegan, SpiceBox’s menu does not disappoint. All recipes use Indian spices to enhance the natural awesomeness of vegetables and are carefully crafted with plenty of character and style. It is hard to name just a few fave’s as all the dishes are seriously tasty but our must-haves are…

The ‘Keralan Fried Chick’n’

Soy chick’n pieces in a crispy spiced batter served with dhal, spicy tomato chutney, golden syrup and coconut sambon on dosa waffles made with fermented batter of lentil and rice flour.

Bacon Naan

‘THIS isn’t bacon’ wrapped up in a fluffy warm naan with spicy tomato chutney and creamy raita. Served with date and tomato ketchup.⁠

Cashew & Coconut Chick’n Korma

A creamy cashew-based curry packed full of seasonal veg with the 3 grain pilau of quinoa, bulgur wheat and brown rice with tempered cumin seeds and onion.

Banana Bhaji

Chai-spiced banana in a super light and crispy gluten-free batter served with coconut ice cream and Biscoff drizzle.

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