words by Lucia Ferrari

The latest tinted moisturisers, BB creams, CC creams – call them what you will – are so clever that when used correctly, they really do mimic the dewy, flawless skin of someone on a magazine cover who’s probably had Botox and/ or air-brushing. Their sheer formulations are much more flattering than before giving you a fresh glow, which makes you look healthy, pretty and not as though you are wearing loads of make up. Brilliantly, they also come loaded with SPFs, which is a plus for those of us who don’t remember to diligently apply SPF 30 everyday underneath our moisturiser.

Here are my favourites:


Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Make up SPF 30, £29: The joy about this product is its longevity. It gives you a pretty, sheer radiant base that genuinely lasts all day. One word: winner.

Bobbi Brown CC Cream SPF35, £29: A hard-working cream that nourishes, minimises pores, blurs fine lines and masks flushed complexions.

Teint Terrybly Soleil

By Terry Teint Terrybly Soleil SPF 15, £63: A translucent powder foundation which warms up an existing tan and leaves it peachy, matte and velvety. It also gives skin a luminous soft-focus effect which diminishes pores and lines. A really fabulous product if you already have a tan.

Cover FX CC Cream Neutral_Medium

Cover FX CC Cream Time release Tinted Cream, SPF30 £35: The most brilliant thing about this product is that there are over 25 shades so you should find the perfect match. This cream comes with a built in primer, so lasts well and is a good choice if you suffer from pigmentation too as it helps diminish dark spots and helps prevent future ones appearing.

Veil Mineral_NS_Final

Chanel Les beiges All-in-one Healthy Glow Fluid, SPF 15 £34: Frankly pulling anything with a double C logo out of your make up bag is so uplifting it’s worth it just for the boost. I’ve watched how this cream can transform dull tired skin into glowing radiance in Walt Disney style seconds.


Main Image: Zimmerman Swimwear available here: http://us.zimmermannwear.com