Calling all sporting enthusiasts, there’s a new drink on the market that we think you’re going to love. Introducing ‘SOS’, the superior rehydration drink with a scientific edge. Founded by two former elite athletes, a doctor and an ex military medical officer – this is the advanced hydration supplement for active lifestyles. Designed with keen athletes and sporting professionals in mind, this isotonic drink rehydrates the body whilst improving overall human performance.

On a normal day, we lose around 2 litres of water through sweating, breathing, urination and bowel movement – which means it’s absolutely crucial that we adequately rehydrate when needed, particularly after over-exerting our bodies. Dropping a couple of pounds may seem desirable to the most of us, but our athletic performance can decrease by a whopping 20% when we lose just 2% of our body weight through dehydration. What’s more, when we sweat we risk losing two main sources of electrolytes from our systems, Sodium and Chloride – pass us a sachet already!

SOS is the perfect solution for ultimate rehydration, containing 6x more electrolytes than your average sports drink and 27% more than the average carton of coconut water. With Blueberry and Citrus flavours available, these sachets will be sure to wake up your taste buds.

SOS is now available at Sweatshop stores throughout the UK.
Buy online here.