This week we are having a bit of a skin moment here at the Hip and Healthy headquarters. I made this amazing smoothie that is fantastic for keeping skin clear and glowing. It is super easy and makes a great breakfast or mid morning snack and is packed full of antioxidant-rich berries. But my secret ingredient is the Viridian Clear Skin Oil. It not only makes the smoothie taste slightly nutty (which I love) but it keeps skin fresh and blemish free. This is due to its amazing list of ingredients that read like a dissertation in healthy oils; avocado oil, flax seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, argan oil, rose hip seed oil – the list goes on. I know I have harked on about this oil before – but it really is pretty great – and for someone that has struggled with their skin since their teens this could be the missing part to their diet. I also included MyProtein’s Spirulina powder which is a powerful ingredient with plenty of health benefits. Spirulina is a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as essential fatty acids and antioxidants. If all that is not enough its high content of B Vitamins makes it a fantastic spot fighting product, and it also has detoxifying properties too.





Apple Juice (organic and no added sugar)

MyProtein Spirulina Powder

Viridian Clear Skin Oil