Working in the health and fitness industry means that you often hear rumours on the grape vine about new and exciting places to workout. Six3nine is one of those places…“who are they?” you ask to yourself. Siz3nine are a specialist personal training studio who are fairly new to the fitness scene but are quickly establishing themselves as a highly knowledgable unique personal training practise. Naturally, I wanted to try it out to see if it was worth the hype!

Six3nine are based in covent garden which is such a prime location. However their entrance is easily missed, a subtle grey door on Drury Lane which I had walked past many a time oblivious that behind it lay a personal training studio. No garish ‘look at me’signs here, nope six3nine doesn’t feel the need to shout, it relies on its reputation to get its clients. Brownie points already right? So once your inside, you are faced with a slick studio with an impressive gym floor with customised markings designed to act as piece of fitness equipment. Also, gone are the traditional fixed-resistance machines, instead they are replaced with kettle-bells, free weights, cable machines and gymnastic equipment. There was no doubt in my mind that this studio meant business.

My initial consultation went on for around 45 minutes; I got the impression that the trainers really wanted to know about me – my background, my goals, mindset and lifestyle. The questions were in depth and covered a wide area. All of my answers helped them understand the history of my body want I wanted to achieve from exercising. With the question section done, we then did a full body composition, which is amazing yet scary at the same time as it tells you EVERYTHING. Body fat, muscle mass, weight, water weight the lot. Then from this, they work out the best nutrition, workouts and general training regime that is best suited to you to help you achieve your goals. Now I don’t know about you, but that right there is personal training, with an emphasis on the personal.

What followed my consultation, was an hour of intense exercise combining weights and body weight exercises. We started with gait analysis which proved to be immensely interesting, who knew walking could reveal so much. Then we moved on to the workout where we focused a lot of my technique especially in my squats and deadllifts and straight away I was lifting heavier than I had ever lifted before and I felt so much more confident in my technique. Not only was the session informative, but I also felt like I was learning the whole time as my trainer talked through each movement and the reasoning behind why we were doing it. I really felt like I pushed myself to my limit with his support and guidance.

Six3nine has totally changed the way I view personal training, I have gone from sitting on the fence to realising that if you find the right personal trainer and the right practise then it is 100% worth it and I couldn’t recommend it more. Six3nine blew me away with their vast knowledge, obvious interest and just how tailor-made and personalised the service is they offer. The amount I learnt about my technique, my body, and the exercises I should be doing was amazing. And that was just the first session. I can’t wait to go back!

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words by Natalie Glaze

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