Whether you’re off on holiday or basking in the British sunshine – summer calls for a serious body overhaul. These top treatments will prep you to perfection and leave you ready to hit the beach looking your very best, says Frankie Rozwadowska

The Super Scrub: Neom ‘Top to Toe’ Treatment at the Titanic Spa
Exclusive to the UK’s first eco spa – The Titanic Spa – is the new and exclusive Neom Top to Toe Organic Indulgence treatment, a sure-fire way to sort your skin before it sees the sun. Starting with an invigorating full body scrub, dead skin cells are buffed away to reveal new, glowing skin – the perfect base for an even, longer-lasting tan.  Now the clever folk at Neom and The Titanic have skipped the shower step (because let’s be honest, who wants to have to move whilst enjoying a treatment) and instead the scrub is wiped away with hot towels before you melt away with a blissful, relaxing massage. Depending on your mood, one of the Titanic Spa’s essential oils is used to soothe skin, deeply nourish and moisturise – leaving you glowing from the inside out. You can then retire to your enormous eco-apartment housed in an old Yorkshire mill, make use of the Heat Experiences or chill-out in the relaxation room on a giant beanbag and dream of the beach. Bliss. Neom Top To Toe Treatment – 1hr25mins, £89 | www.titanicspa.com


The Wax: Groom
Give some loving to your lady garden with a wax at Groom. From a basic bikini to a hairless Hollywood, there’s something for everyone. In their light and airy St Christopher’s Place salon, you’ll be cocooned in your own wax booth where your waxer whizzes through your treatment in record time without compromising on results. Recognising that we women lead busy lives, they have perfected the art of fast, flawless waxes. Using specially formulated hot wax, it’s quick, easy, and virtually pain free, leaving you soft and silky with no sticky residue. They also give you a minute alone after your treatment to conduct a ‘wax check’ – a moment of privacy to make sure you are completely happy with the results. And trust me, you will be. Brazilian Wax – £50, 30mins | www.groomlondon.com


The Cellulite Buster: Aromatherapy Associates Body Refiner Treatment
Once you’ve stepped into your treatment room at the Aromatherapy Associates boutique in Knightsbridge, I can guarantee you will not want to leave. Ever. There’s fresh homemade lemonade, mini macaroons, and your treatment bed is (quite literally) a bed – complete with a sumptuous duvet and big fluffy pillow. But there won’t be any snoozing taking place here, for this treatment has been designed to stimulate your skin and boost circulation to target stubborn areas of cellulite. Focusing on the stomach down, you are body brushed to awaken skin before your specially designed deep tissue detox massage takes place. Using essential oils to lift your mood and energy, which include zesty pink grapefruit and sweet orange and mandarin, there’s also fresh rosemary to sharpen the senses, juniper to purify, and pine to help release negative emotions. Not only do they all smell divine, but due to their diuretic properties they help eliminate excess fluid and toxins from the body. You are then wrapped in freshwater mud (works wonders at firming and toning) whilst your feet are treated to reflexology to encourage the release and elimination of toxins. The result? You’ll feel toned, toxin-free and totally terrific. Body Refiner Treatment -60mins, from £50 | www.aromatherapyassociates.com


The Tan: James Harknett at the W
Whether you want to top up that tan or get some pre-holiday colour, look no further than tanning guru James Harknett. Situated in the chic W London Hotel’s Away Spa, this is a man who can turn you from pale and pasty to a bronzed beauty faster than you can say fan-tanstic. The go-to-tanner for countless celebrities, James is all about creating a natural, personal colour for each client – so there’s no fear of looking like a TOWIE extra here. Using Sienna X professional products, your skin will not only look great but it will feel it too. Packed with perfecting ingredients such as calendula to soothe, papaya to improve tone and texture, antioxidant rich ginkgo to protect from signs of ageing, pomegranate to promote cell regeneration and apple fruit extract to refine and rejuvenate. Armed with his spray-gun, James is your tan man. James Harknett By Appointment – 30mins, from £45 | www.wlondon.co.uk


The Holistic Help: Ayurveda at Anamaya
If you’re feeling stressed this summer, then a visit to Anamaya is what you need. Housed in a beautiful Kensington mews, the focus here is on all aspects of natural health – from massage and acupuncture to reflexology and homeopathy. It’s also where you will find Loretta Heywood – an Ayurvedic extraordinaire who will totally transform your mood through her magical massages. Reading your energy levels (mine were low and I felt cold and tired) Loretta chooses the treatment most beneficial to you. For me, it was the Marma Therapy & Pranic Healing, which focuses on balancing the body’s energy points, releasing stress and healing emotional issues. Using warm sesame oil infused with herbs before mixing it with other essential oils she feels would most benefit you, she works to massage the entire body, releasing Marma points (similar to acupressure) so energy can flow better – giving you that uplifting, awakening feeling. The Pranic healing is like a hands-on version of Reiki, which works to move and rebalance energy so stress is eliminated and you release all the stored tension. It also allows the body to heal itself and for you to really feel and recognise what’s going on beneath the surface. It’s amazing what some healing hands can do – and I can honestly say if the whole world went to see Loretta – it would be a much better place. If you want to feel super this summer – this is the treatment for you. 90min massage with Loretta – £120 | www.anamaya.co.uk


The Brow Beautifier: Shavata
The new Shavata studio on the beautiful Beauchamp Place is the place to go to to better those brows. With 22 studios nationwide, this is Shavata’s first flagship site. And it’s super. Modern and bright, it’s sleek and stylish – offering everything from threading and tints to lash extensions and semi-permanent makeup. There’s no risk of a scouse brow here – instead beautiful, natural brows are born. Using the ancient technique of threading – your therapist will whip your eyebrows into shape in minutes – creating that perfect arch and shape to suit your face. So bring your beautiful brows to the beach this summer and pay a visit to Shavata. Eyebrow threading – from £17 |www.shavata.co.uk

words by Frankie Rozwadowska