What was your inspiration behind starting your blog, The Eye Travels?
Legendary style icon, Diana Vreeland was my inspiration behind the name and nature of my blog, The Eye Travels. I wanted to infuse her style, which is really a zest for life, vividly descriptive, and fantasy driven.


Can you describe your day on a plate?
What I do everyday is different so my eating patterns tend to reflect that. If I don’t have breakfast, I go into “hangry” mode by 12pm; and I love lunch because it’s a luxury since a lot of the time I’m running in and out of meetings. 3-4x week I start my day with an intense hour long workout so I’ll have some Greek yogurt (I don’t believe in non-fat) with fruit: strawberries, raspberries, peaches and mango are my favourite.

Since my business partner and I work out of Soho House, I always order the shishito peppers and avocado toast for lunch. We’re big on sharing a bunch of plates since we’re both foodies. If I’m writing for my blog from home, I’ll add some scrambled eggs with dill to the mix or order a chicken salad from the various places near me in Soho that deliver in less than 15 mins!

If I’m out, I’ll always have walnuts or pistachios in my bag to snack on. And I’m obsessed with matcha lattes at the moment because they give me a jitter-free buzz. There’s a great bar that opened up on Broome St. recently called Cha Cha Matcha and I’m dying to try the matcha soft serve. For a pick me up, I love a cortado – La Colombe makes the best one.

I’m an early dinner eater (my husband hates that!). My ultimate summer meal is salmon (with a miso glaze) and an heirloom tomato salad. I love food and I love eating out since New York has so many amazing restaurants – Jerk Chicken from Miss Lily’s, ravioli from Emilio’s Ballato and sushi from Zuma – my all-time favorite restaurant in NYC, Miami and London.


What are your go-to workouts?
SLT. Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone. I’ve found it’s the best workout for my body type. They are small reformer-based classes which are harder than they look! I’ve been doing this religiously for nearly two years and I now even have my name on a plaque there as I did over 100 classes. I’ll supplement my week with a Soul Cycle or Bikram Yoga class because sometimes you just need to sweat it out. In the summer, I love to paddle board – not only is it great for the core, it’s a great time to clear your mind. All in all, the most important thing is to never give up.


How do you balance out your work and personal life?
For myself the balance is found in combining work with my personal life. I surround myself with good friends (who now also work with me on The Eye Travels) and good people who have not only helped me become a better person but who genuinely care about my business so I don’t feel the need to separate the two. I feel very lucky but it’s definitely come with a lot of hard work and perseverance. Being a musician for 8 years as part of the “President’s Own” United States Marine Band in Washington instilled this work ethic in me.


What are your top tips for people who struggle to find the time to exercise?
Unfortunately, there is no replacement for a hard work out. If you don’t put the work in you don’t see results. I think you have to make time for those things that you find to be important in your life. Even walking or biking instead of taking transportation is making an effort to be healthier.


What’s your favourite way of winding down after a busy day?
A warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk, while cuddling with my husband and two cats. I would pick a cozy night at home any day of the week.


What are your gym bag essentials?
Voss water, hair ties, socks that grip and gum. I actually chew gum during SLT as the burst of flavor takes my mind off of the (good) pain I’m putting myself through.


What would you like to achieve within the next five years?
I strive to create with likeminded people. I do this because I have a passion for the artistry of it all. I’m excited by the idea of designing, styling and imagining original material that speaks to others.

My five year goal is all about continuing to pave my own path in life and surrounding myself with genuine, good-hearted people who share the same values and embody a desire to make a difference in some way. I have been so blessed to work (and play!) with two incredible ladies, who I consider to be my close friends and confidants, photographer Keziban Barry and business partner Marina Beaumont. I can only imagine what the three of us will create over time.


How does your morning routine play out?
Every morning like clock work my sweet garfield cat Dublin wakes us up to be fed anywhere between 5am and 6am. I get up and immediately make an espresso. It might sound cheesy, but my husband and I take a moment in the morning to be thankful and appreciate each other and the life we’ve built together. The first words out of our mouths are always, “I love you.”  I feel like that’s the best morning routine, it sets a powerful foundation for the day, because no matter what happens throughout the day you will have an appreciative base to stabilize you. Knowing what is truly meaningful and important in life helps get you through the daily challenges and annoyances of others trying to bring you down.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Everything in moderation.


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Samantha Angelo of The Eye Travels @samantha_angelo 

Based in NYC, Samantha is a creative consultant, writer, stylist, model and founder of www.TheEyeTravels.com