A Runner’s New Best Friend: The Beurer PM200+ Running companion…

Beurer PM200+ Set


What is it?
This little fitness gadget tells you just about everything you would want to know about your run. It goes beyond the usual running app or heart rate monitor kit (which it does also include) and tracks your progress – distance, speed, time, calories, altitude and pace.

How does it work?
After downloading the app, you insert the small square piece of technology  into the headphone socket of your smartphone. It also comes with a heart rate monitor, which feeds the information straight back to your phone where it is recorded and a specially designed arm band holder so that your hands are free to concentrate on your work-out.

What’s it good for?
It’s perfect for the running fanatic who wants to really track their training, or anyone looking to increase their fitness levels. It is the ultimate self-improvement companion in that way. It is also very easy to set up and takes no time at all. I loved the weekly updates on how my training is going and would certainly recommend it to anyone taking on a racing challenge that they are training for.

Where do I get one?
The Beurer PM200+ smartphone runner’s kit is priced at £79.99 and is available from Argos.

 Beurer PM200+ with smartphone