Rumble is the first carbon-neutral boutique fitness and wellness studio to open its doors in Dalston, East London! Offering clients a wide spectrum of training options, the studio combines the latest cutting-edge training with the most advanced technology all under one roof for the ultimate fitness experience. Rumble aims to improve not only your mind and body but your carbon footprint too! Giving you access to some of the most experienced trainers out there, Rumble is the fitness studio designed to boost your wellbeing leaving you feeling great after every visit.

Rumble has partnered with Benoit Marmoiton, the mastermind behind the Farm Girl Café and former chef to the Beckham family, to develop a special superfood smoothie and food range for Rumble Café. The perfect space to re-energise and rejuvenate after a workout, Rumble Café resembles a trendy jungle giving you instant wellness vibes as soon as you walk in! 

In three words…

Sustainable, Versatile, Flexible

Who is it for?

Rumble really does have something for everyone from the hardcore HIIT fanatics to zen yogis and everybody in between. The classes on offer are callisthenics, hot yoga, spinning, wall climbing, pilates, HIIT training, boxercise, treadmill running, power yoga and TRX.

What makes Rumble different?

Rumble’s eco-initiative is pioneering the way of sustainable fitness like nobody else in the wellness world. Rumble is London’s first-ever carbon neutral gym, for each class or session a client books and for every new follower Rumble gets on Instagram, a tree will be planted to help offset their carbon footprint. This, combined with other eco-friendly initiatives such as sustainably sourced products and no single-use plastic on-site, makes Rumble a unique gym that is taking action which we are all for!

Why we love it?

Rumble is a super flexible fitness studio, fitting around your lifestyle in the best way possible. Their HIIT Circuit is like no others we have seen before as you can drop-in at any time during the opening hours as a class starts every 10 minutes! Simply jump into the circuit and complete as many rounds as you like as they run continuously all day. This is ideal for people with hectic lifestyles who sometimes only have 20 minutes to get a workout in. At Rumble, you can stop by when it suits you and get in a good, speedy workout if that is all you have time for.

Our favourite feature?

Using advanced technology, Rumble’s yoga studio is filled with Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm (Schumann Resonance). This allows you to reach a state of relaxation faster which helps cell regeneration and healing in the body. The gamma waves that create the natural humming rhythm are also beneficial for increasing memory recall, sensory perception, focus and is known as nature’s best anti-depressant.

Our top pick classes…

RE.CENTRE • Hot Yoga

Re.Center your mind, body and spirit. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or brand new to the practice, the perfectly heated studio has got you covered. The class offer the best of modern and traditional yoga, a place for you to breath, be, and embrace the warmth.

RE.HIIT • HIIT Training

Drop-in ANY TIME during your day (a class starts every 10min) and experience a new kind of group training. The 40min Functional HIIT class will get you Built & Ripped, following a proven programme, as each day you’ll experience a different workout routine focused either on building your muscles or on conditioning.

RE.MATCH • Boxercise

Not your average boxing class. This 45 min, boxing-inspired, whole-body workout will improve your skills and drills, focus, stamina & train your willpower.

Schumann Resonance & Gamma Frequency Workshop

Gamma Frequency workshops claim to increase memory recall, sensory perception, and focus, as well as sharpen vision and hearing. Arguably nature’s best anti-depressant, an increased production of Gamma brain waves contribute to a state of peak performance and a feeling of calm. A breathing technique is used which aims to correct imbalances in the body’s bio-electric field to help alleviate acute and chronic health conditions by training the human brainwave rhythms to synchronise with the Earth’s natural pulse.

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