Rowbots is the fitness concept in Fitzrovia taking rowing to the next level. Pioneered by Real Madrid’s football phenomenon, Gareth Bale, and team GB powerlifting icon, Hendrick Famutimi, the Rowbots workout is quite literally fit for an athlete. 

Shaped by years of research, the Rowbots team of physical and mental health experts have formulated one of the most results-orientated workouts using the most effective machine in the gym, the rower, combined with strength and conditioning exercises on the floor. Targetting both the upper and lower body, the rower is an excellent low-impact option for working your cardiovascular system. If you suffer from joint, bone or muscular issues, rowing is definitely one to try due to the low-impact movement.

Rowbots only uses water rowers, which provide the perfect resistance causing no jerkiness or jarring. As opposed to electric-powered rowers, the water administers the resistance meaning no electricity is used to power the rower. So not only are they the closest replica to rowing a boat, they are a lot greener too!

Each 45-minute session will test both your physical and mental ability to the limit, getting maximum effect with minimum impact, something your joints will thank you for. All Rowbots sessions are based around a 50% row to a 50% floor split. Burning up to 800 calories per session, this class also guarantees to lengthen the body and improve posture. 

The classes to choose from are…

Reset, a full-body, cardio-focused class which will test your endurance. The class is made up of 6-minute intervals on the rower and the floor… you will have to dig deep in every round!

Action, a strength-based session designed to build power in the upper body. Think heavy lifts using compound moves that will hit your shoulders, back, chest, triceps and biceps, then straight into a powerful row for 5-minute intervals.

Stamina, a full-body workout that tests your endurance as well as your cardiovascular system. You will need persistence and focus to get you through each 6-minute interval made up of rowing and floor exercises such as burpees and jumping lunges!

Energy, a lower-body strength training class made up of 5-minute intervals alternating between the rower and the floor. Think squats, deadlifts and lunges…you will be hobbling the next day!

Switch On, Rowbots signature freestyle class! Designed to fill you with endorphins, the intervals will change as no two sessions are the same.

We highly recommend giving rowing a try and what better place to do it than at Rowbots.