Whilst we’re firm believers in seeking out the positives in life and try to remember every cloud has a silver lining somewhere, these last few months have really challenged those theories thanks to COVID-19’s rather abrupt and unpleasant entrance. It’s fair to say 2020 did not get off to a great start! The proportion of Britons self-reporting as ‘happy’ halved in just three weeks: from 51% just before the UK’s first COVID-19 fatality, to 25% by the time national lockdown began. It’s clear from worrying news headlines and constant social media updates the virus has touched every life across the globe in some way or another and it’s no surprise that our mental health and happiness has been greatly impacted.

In partnership with author, TED Talk Speaker and Ambassador of Joy Mo Gawdat, Rituals Cosmetics is proud to present The Happiness Challenge, a 14-day mutual mission designed to spread joy to one million people. There’s an amazing incentive to entice you to give it a go too! Everyone who completes the 14-day challenge will receive The Ritual of Happy Buddha 250 ml Parfum d’Interieur, a beautifully delicate scent that will help brighten your mood all day long!

Anyone can take part in this challenge, it’s completely free with the ultimate ambition to leave you feeling happier, healthy and full of joy. Every day a new exercise will be unlocked, you’ll have access to interviews with Mo and numerous exercises and other content to help you reset and discover your happiness. 

So in tribute to Judy Garland… “Forget your troubles coronavirus, come on get happy!”

Sign up here by 19th September 2020