As the end of summer draws to a close, your New Year resolutions probably seem but a distant memory! But have all those good intentions for 2020 been consigned to oblivion? We begin the year brimming with optimistic, goal-driven confidence but for many of us, those New Year’s Resolutions we spent hours constructing and planning with fierce determination are quickly stuffed to the backs of our minds.

The onset of autumn, though, is a naturally fantastic time to recall those resolutions and to revive and renew your good intentions going forward into a new season. After all, you set those goals for a reason and it wasn’t to give up! But don’t be disheartened – you haven’t failed yet! There’s still chance to revive your resolutions and continue on your way to awesomeness because we truly feel September is the new January!

1. Take just a few moments today to sit quietly and recall your resolutions. Shuffle some thoughts about in your head to find them, or dig out that piece of paper from the back of your diary on which you carefully wrote them all those months ago. Identify which ones you have stuck to, or have attempted to stick to, and those you haven’t. Reward yourself for any you have already accomplished and reconsider any you’ve let slip.

2. Consider why you may have let certain resolutions fall by the wayside. Ask yourself if you still value these same goals and if you don’t, set new ones to suit where you are in life now. We are continually changing beings and we are not stagnant, don’t feel guilty if resolutions which you deemed important in January are no longer suited to you now we are well into 2020.

3. One reason many of us give up on our resolutions is due to lack of accountability. Tell people what you want to achieve! The more you share your goals and plans for an all-improved you, the more incentive you have to stick with them – nobody wants to have to go back and tell friends they gave up. Not only that, but you will find support along the way and may even discover that friends and family have also let their resolutions slide and that you’ve given them a much-needed boost too. Take advantage of social media, it’s a valuable tool for sharing goals and progress and garnering support from like-minded people.

4. Use any slip-ups as motivation to grow and move forward. So you’ve stalled? That’s not a failure, instead utilise that sense of dread you may feel when you remember your resolutions and the fact you aren’t keeping to them, as fuel to drive you on to success. Life simply takes over and although we honestly believed when we initially set our goals for the coming year that we would be able to meet them, once the festivities have ended and we’re faced with twelve whole months laid out before us once again, it can be difficult to stay motivated.

5. It’s akin to a writer getting a sudden block when faced with a blank page. Instead, turn this overwhelming feeling around and view it as an exciting possibility – just think of everything you are capable of achieving in the coming months – focus on this sense of abundance and then set mini-goals to keep you accountable on the way. The time will pass anyway, whether you’re being productive or not, so you may as well put it to good use – just think of where you’ll be this time next year and make yourself proud!

So, just because we are ¾ of the way into 2020, there’s still plenty of time to achieve your resolutions before you tackle a new batch in 2021!

words by Molly Jennings

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