Reviewed: The Organic Pharmacy’s Signature Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

words by Harriet Chubb

After one too many people in the industry had exclaimed their surprise that I was yet to try a product from The Organic Pharmacy, let alone a treatment, I decided it was high time I booked myself in for a facial at my local branch in Richmond. Nestled subtly into the hustle and bustle of Richmond high street, stepping into the store had an immediate calming effect and I was warmly greeted by the staff, who all needless to say, had flawless skin, a wonderful advertisement for the brand. Opting for the Signature Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial (I had heard so much about the Carrot Butter Cleanser and wanted to try it for myself in a facial) my beauty therapist, Diaria, settled me into the incredibly peaceful and divinely fragranced room. Always thinking (rather smugly I might add) that I had great skin, albeit slightly dry – Diaria managed to educate me more about my dermis than any therapist has ever managed to. Highly educated in skin science, she was able to identify hidden blackheads around my nose, forehead and chin and skilfully and painlessly extracted them, teaching me along the way how to prevent them in the future. The facial that subsequently followed was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The Carrot Butter Cleanser is applied first to soften and decongest the skin, followed by a complexion brightening flower petal exfoliation. Three separate masks of seaweed, honey and jasmine were then applied to me before she used rose crystals to decongest my lymphatic system. I am ashamed to say that at this point I promptly and embarrassingly fell asleep as the process was that relaxing. I am assured by Diaria though that an acupressure massage then took place to firm the facial muscles.

The result was immediate, once outside and back on the shop floor I could see and feel that my face was noticeably brighter, clearer and glowing. In fact it was difficult to not constantly touch my face to reiterate the soft feeling. The staff were extremely attentive at this point too, taking me through every product that was used and why it works so well. Diaria made me see that I needed to change my steadfast, standard skin routine from cleanse, tone, moisturise, to cleanse, tone, repair, moisturise in the morning and to only cleanse, tone and repair the skin at night. My thick layer of moisturiser before bed has apparently never been necessary as when you sleep your skin needs to repair, not work hard to absorb excess moisture.

“I wanted to create exceptional treatments that focus entirely on the individual through a combination of techniques and fantastic products so that you could see visible results every time”. This quote by Margo Marrone, the Co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy, superbly sums up the experience that I had at the Richmond store a few weeks ago, the knowledge of the staff and the quality of the products meant that I left entirely rejuvenated and educated, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and I hope to return again soon.

Signature Rose Crystal Facial – The Ultimate Facial Experience. 60 min £80 & 90 min £110 (including Collagen Boost Mask and feet and arm massage)

The Organic Pharmacy, 3, George Street, Richmond, 0208 948 7049 [email protected]