The trend in natural and organic skincare seems to be on the rise much to our delight here at the Hip and Healthy Headquaters. But because of this sudden stream of new natural skin products on the market, manufacturers are having to become more savvy and innovative in the ways of research and development to make sure that their cream/serum/toner stands out from the crowd. And nowhere is this high level of ingenuity and expertise more evident than in Nourish. Barely 1 year old, Nourish are the new kid on the natural skincare block, but their founder, Pauline Hili, has been in the industry for decades. She brings with her a wealth of expertise and knowledge in creating result-led products that are entirely natural and nearly always at least 90-98% organic (each Nourish product states its organic percentage on the packaging).

About Pauline Hili
Having spent over 22 years at Neal’s Yard as one of their leading product developers, Pauline certainly knows what she is talking about. Her other credentials read like a reference list for a dissertation on natural skincare: Degree in Chemistry, Natural Biology and Cosmetic Science. As well as further study in Essential Oils (which she later wrote a book on). Pauline really is one of the experts in natural and organic skincare. But before I spoke to her and found out all of this I was already hooked on her products…

My Top Three Nourish Products
The Nourish Radiance Purifying Cleanser and Refreshing Toning Mist have become my most loyal travel companions. 97% organic, the cleanser contains something called foxberry that helps the skin glow. It is also great at removing suncream in my experience and smells divine! I applied a few squirts of it straight onto my face and then wiped it off with a warm, damp organic muslim cloth. I then spritzed my face with a few sprays of the Toning Mist. I don’t normally use toners as I can find them a bit of a faff, but I love the cooling feeling of Nourish’s and enjoy putting it on my skin. It’s a great hydrator – making it ideal for holidays or plane rides (mine stays with me in my hand luggage) and I find the cooling effect also works well to close the pores after cleansing. Then I apply my favourite of the products – the Argan Skin Rescue. The press has been in a bit of a frenzy about Argan Oil for some time now, and I have been longing to get my hands on an organic one. My prayers were answered. Nourish’s Argan oil is not only 90% organic, it is a fantastic moisturiser and packed full of antioxidants protecting the skin from premature aging. It is also a great healer and contains a notable amount of vitamin E that help reduces scars which makes it great for acne sufferers.

Good Skin Needn’t Cost the Earth
Interestingly, although Pauline thinks its important to maintain a healthy diet, she remarked that antioxidants applied topically have 100 times the effect on skin than antioxidants consumed. Meaning that skincare is more important than ever. I am totally sold. And speaking of “sold”, the value for money with these products is quite outstanding. Pauline commented that “good skincare shouldn’t have to cost the earth”. Which makes you wonder how much some of the other brands out there are inflating their prices.

I feel that Pauline may have struck gold with her new brand. By maintaining the highest standards in expertise and quality and selling her products in bright, beautiful packages at a price we can all afford, Pauline has created what can only be described as a winning formula.

For more information on Nourish’s range visit www.nourishskinrange.com