Ever heard the term “tapping” before and wondered what on earth it’s got to do with your wellbeing? Well, wonder no more because we’ve got an expert to explain what this whacky-sounding therapy is all about! Poppy Delbridge’s Rapid Tapping method aims to help you break through mental blockages that prevent you from reaching your full potential in life. Lack confidence? Struggle with anxiety? So over that imposter syndrome feeling? Tapping could be just what you need. 

What exactly is rapid tapping?
Tapping was discovered in America by a psychologist who was interested in Eastern techniques such as acupuncture in the 1970s, who managed to ‘cure’ one of his longterm patients of a severe water phobia. Since then it has evolved as a technique to treat everything from emotional blocks to weight issues and physical pain. Rapid Tapping is a simplified version of this and focussed on the power of true affirmations so you can use it throughout your day as a simple addition to your routine. 

It’s a practical and proven method to help you change your mindset and your life. Use it to shift out of a negative emotional state or belief using energy tapping points and cognitive wording. 

Who might benefit from it?
Everyone and anyone who has feelings that they find unhelpful, or goals they find unattainable. In a lockdown situation and the uncertainty of a pandemic world, I’ve seen it help anxiety sufferers quiet their stress and worry drastically. 

How does it work?
You tap on certain points whilst saying certain things as you feel them. It sounds quite ridiculous at first until you see the way it works to clear negativity in minutes. Every Monday morning at 11:11 I hold lives on Instagram talking you through the techniques and benefits so definitely tune in there if you want to learn more.

As a rapid tapping practitioner, what common issues do you see cropping up with your clientele? 
Self-belief is the major limiting belief I see even with the most successful of my clients. We experience life through our beliefs about ourselves and the world. I also see variants of this being self-doubt, confidence, guilt, procrastination and anxiety. 

Is it something we can carry on doing ourselves at home or is 1:1 the best way to achieve results?
For the deeper work, I suggest working with a practitioner but for every day it’s 100% in your hands! 

In terms of your own mental wellbeing, are there any rituals or non-negotiable habits your swear by?
Yes – gratitude tapping is something that can change the neural pathways in your brain if you practise it for 1 minute when you’re in a low mood. Try it. I also swear by twice-daily detox baths, sound meditations and Qi gong.

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