We love being part of the wellness industry. It’s quite incredible to think that less than a decade ago, it wasn’t even a thing. Sure, people have been practising meditation, making their own nut milks, cleansing their crystals and consuming quinoa long before “wellness” hit mainstream but they were not the majority back then and were considered by many to be a bit weird or a bit “out there”. Now, meditating, drinking almond milk lattes, dabbling in crystal healing and chomping on a quinoa buddha bowl seems like the norm! We love watching the wellbeing industry develop over time and play a role in the amazing community by shedding light on new ways we can all improve our health and feel the best versions of ourselves. This past month, four, slightly quirky wellness trends have been brought to our attention and we thought we’d give you the lowdown on them!  

Cold Water Swimming
Submerging yourself in ice cold water doesn’t exactly seem like a fun thing to do but cold water swimming has grown in popularity and it actually provides some amazing health benefits! Going for a dip in the sea, a lake or even you local (teeth-chatteringly cold) lido is great for boosting lymphatic drainage, boosting circulation and can even help relieve depression. Even if you’re not near a lake or don’t have a swimming pool close by, ice cold showers provide the same benefits. Speaking to Marina Fogle on The Parenthood Podcast, Madeleine Shaw says “It makes you feel amazing! If I ever have a headache, a cold water shower really sorts it out.” If you’re lacking in energy, need to snap out of a hangover or desire some much needed mental clarity, then why not try cold water swimming or simply incorporating cold showers into your daily routine?

Face Vinegars
Putting vinegar on your face doesn’t seem like it would be a natural addition to include in your skincare regime, but “vinegar tonics” are seeping their way into the beauty industry and for good reason. Vinegar works as a prebiotic, thus helping to balance the PH of the skin and is also very purifying, which can work well for oiler complexions or those prone to acne. More sensitive complexions could also benefit from using a face vinegar as the malic acid acts as a gentle exfoliator, ideal if physical exfoliators tend to upset the skin. A good choice is Gallinée Face Vinegar available here.

Camel Milk
Camel Milk may feel like a new concept to us westerners but did you know it’s actually been consumed in the Middle East for thousands of years? Over there, it is considered to be a real source of nutrition – compared to cow’s milk, camel milk offers higher levels of zinc, up to 10 times the amount of iron and up to 5 times the amount of vitamin C. Nutritionist, Lily Soutter says It’s important to note that the nutrient composition of camel milk has been found to differ from country to country and is correlated to the environmental and farming conditions. This means that it is currently hard to provide accurate measures of the nutrient content as this can vary from batch to batch” While it’s still being researched, camel milk could be a great addition to your diet if you are able to tolerate lactose. If you want to give it a go, Asda now stock it! 

Mouth Massage
There’s a new facial on the block and it’s being hailed “the non-surgical facelift”. Enter the mouth massage. Yes. A massage that involves targeting the pressure points and tiny muscles INSIDE your mouth. You may think this sounds more like a massage than a facial but celebrities (and royalty *cough* Megan, Duchess of Sussex) swear by this very odd yet effective treatment as a natural way to lift the face and give a more youthful appearance. Celebrity facialist, Nichola Joss, is famous for her Sculpting Inner Facial and it was reported Duchess Megan saw her several times leading up to her wedding. She says This treatment involves massage from inside the mouth to de-stress the muscle tissue and improve the tone and firmness of the facial muscles to add youth and vitality. Encouraging the muscles to sit higher and with more volume and youth.” There’s no denying it’s an odd sensation but if it promises younger looking skin, we’re in!

words by Molly Jennings