If your chronic skin condition prevents you from feeling confident during the summer months, then meet PSOLACE: The natural skincare solution you’ve been waiting for!

If you’ve ever suffered from a chronic skin condition you will know the frustration and unhappiness it can cause. Not only does it bring discomfort from constant itchiness and flaky skin, but getting to the root of it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Steroid creams, ointments, lotions, emollients…the options are endless and those affected will know all too well the disheartening feeling when booking in for their umpteenth appointment as they go back to the drawing board after yet another unsuccessful treatment. The elimination process of trying to find a solution can often cause you to feel really disheartened.

As flakey, sore and itchy psoriasis and other skin conditions can be, the problems they cause unfortunately do not stop at the physical hinders. Skin problems can have a huge impact on a sufferer’s mental health too. As we all know, we often don’t feel our best when we think we don’t look our best. 

Is there a natural solution?
Formulated by nutritional therapists, PSOLACE is the psoriasis treatment that allows you to take control of your skin issues by treating the root cause of the problem. Born out of her long-term struggle with psoriasis, co-founder, Loryn’s rocky journey of trying an abundance of prescription drugs with little to no success led her to create a natural solution that did the job. PSOLACE’s goal is to heal the body from the inside out without inflicting any damaging side-effects. Together co-founders, Loryn and Miguel, tried and tested many different herbal and botanical ingredients with the aim to create a natural solution to end peoples skin issues once and for all. After some serious hard graft, the magic formula was created and much to Loryn’s excitement, in just 30 days of using the Psolace products, her psoriasis had dramatically reduced and had practically vanished for the first time in her life. Having been affected both physically and emotionally by psoriasis, Loryn knew first-hand the pain involved, and could not wait to share PSOLACE with the rest of the world.

What’s different about it?
Unlike other chronic skin condition treatments which only treat the symptoms, PSOLACE is made up of 67 herb and botanical ingredients that work fast to effectively cleanse the gut of toxins, balance the body’s alkaline level and heal the skin from within. Made up of three different powders that you drink with pH balanced mineral water in the morning, three different capsules to be taken with your daily meals and a topical skin cream to apply throughout the day, PSOLACE has a 360 approach to curing psoriasis and other skin conditions, which is why it is so effective. 

It is important that users follow the guidelines from the PSOLACE experts to ensure they get the most out of the treatment. The Cleanse+ powder must be taken first thing in the morning followed by the Balance+ powder 45 minutes later, on an empty stomach to allow the cleansing process to work efficiently and remove toxins. This enables the acid levels in the gut to reduce to create a neutral pH leading to a wide range of health benefits, including healthy, clear skin which is, of course, the aim of the game! The Nourish+ powder is taken mid-morning on an empty stomach to provide powerful, energising and nourishing nutrients to fuel your body and continue with the detox and skin rejuvenation process. 

The fasting element of the plan is crucial as it allows your body time to detoxify which is when the body’s ‘repair’ mode kicks in. If you’re not familiar with intermittent fasting, it’s an eating pattern where you alternate between cycles of fasting and eating, for example, you might fast from the hours of 8pm to 12pm the following day and eat only between the hours of 12pm to 8pm. It subsequently comes with a range of health benefits from weight loss, improving metabolic health, protecting against diseases and daily detoxification. Implementing intermittent fasting into your daily routine, like anything, can be a little difficult at first as you’re not used to it but once you’ve pushed through the first few days, it becomes second nature.

Along with your first meal of the day, you will take the Glow+ and Antioxidant+ capsules which work to fight inflammation at a molecular level to help reduce itchiness and calm your skin. The capsules allow enzymes to stimulate the detox process within the liver, and vitamin D3 is processed within your liver and kidneys providing enrichment to your skin. The Support+ capsules are to be taken with your main evening meal to support the digestive system to work effectively while you sleep.

The Soothing+ cream is essential to giving flaky, sore skin immediate relief throughout the day. This nourishing formula is packed with soothing oils that absorb gently into irritated areas to keep your skin calm and hydrated. Pop this in your bag so you can apply whenever skin feels itchy or sore to provide an instant respite.

Our verdict
As a H&H reader, you’ll know that we search high and low for natural solutions to common problems and are advocates for alternative ways to nourish the body without harsh side effects. Prescription drugs can often be highly toxic, cause allergic reactions and can even suppress the immune system. With a few psoriasis and eczema sufferers amongst the H&H, we have first-hand experience with ongoing steroid-based treatments. They not only thin your skin but also, as soon as you stop using them, the flaky, dry skin reappears within a matter of days! So when PSOLACE was brought to our attention we wanted to learn more! 

Their unique ‘healing journey’ is formulated with 100% natural, high-quality, organic ingredients which are traceable back to the farmer. Packed with 67 herbal and botanical ingredients and nutrients including Psyllium Husk, Ginger Root, Moringa, Vitamin D, Turmeric, Chicory Root, Slippery Elm Bark and Flaxseed, all carefully chosen due to their clinically proven benefits, PSOLACE has created highly effective, potent supplements that work to clear skin fast. Providing all the benefits and none of the risks, PSOLACE is a non-toxic alternative that additionally builds the immune system, strengthens internal organs and promotes youthful skin as well as being a solution to chronic skin conditions. Getting to the root cause in as little as 30 days, PSOLACE really is a revelation for skin sufferers with many users visibly noticing the benefits within a number of days!

For us, it is a no brainer…the formula is not only 100% natural but it is clinically proven to rid your skin of the condition for good, it’s a win-win scenario. Partnered with a healthy, gut-friendly diet, PSOLACE is the ultimate treatment that will ensure you’re nourishing your body whilst tackling your skin condition, enabling you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Finally, a product that works! Time to get those summer dresses at the ready. With PSOLACE, you don’t have to worry about your skin holding you back this summer.

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