Entrepreneur and mental health activist, Poppy Jamie, knows all too well how tough it can be to live with anxiety. Having plagued her for many years, she’s now campaigning for more information and support around mental health and has recently launched her first app, Happy Not Perfect, to help people manage their stress and anxiety whilst navigating the modern, often chaotic world we live in. Below she shares a bit more about the app and what helps her to de-stress and unwind.


My non-negotiable health habit

“Doing the “happiness work out” on the Happy Not Perfect app because in less than 5 mins, the app guides you through a daily practice to relax your nervous system, process thoughts and helps you nurture a positive mindset. Starting the day with a positive state of mind is crucial I find because it helps me to manage whatever happens next whether it be good or bad! We can’t control what happens to us but we can prepare ourselves to respond in the best way, so that’s why my non-negotiable habit has to be a moment of mindfulness because it helps get my emotions in check rather than them taking over! ”


My favourite workout right now

“I am obsessed with dance classes. Recently I found an incredible dance spot called Foreward Space in Soho and it is… so fun!!! You dance, jump up and down, feel like you’re in a music concert and all the while, you’ll in a studio for 45 mins. Efficient exercise is a big plus for me.


My desert island beauty product

“Moisturiser… nobody wants dry skin in the desert or any day! I travel a lot so my skin is often dehydrated and that causes chaos when you’re trying to add foundation on top… aka crackly foundation. I love Dermalogica and Charlotte Tilbury! ”


My de-stress tool

“Going outside and sitting in a garden! Nothing makes me feel better! Garden Day, which took place on Sunday 12th May, had me spend the entire day outside and I felt so good! I have also become a big fan of creating a garden patch. Looking after my tomatoes has bizarrely become a relaxing trick for me… and when you get to eat your creation, nothing is more rewarding! ”


My guilty pleasure

“None, I try to have no guilt and all pleasure. I really enjoy food, trashy tv, and sitting in my Pyjamas all day which I try to make sure I do once a week. I am a true believer in doing what makes you feel good and remove any guilt!”


My biggest health extravagance

“Supplements … I love trying out different ones. I try all sorts of adaptogens, which are ancient herbs used to help the body manage stress. I’m always ordering different ones to see which work best for me. After supplements, I probably spend the most on exercise classes. I really enjoy working out with other people as otherwise, I would never have the motivation to get to the gym by myself!


My evening ritual

Having a sleep ritual is critical to me getting a good nights sleep. I have to really focus on winding down my mind so I sleep peacefully and don’t wake up feeling anxious. Hot shower or bath. Jump into bed. Complete the happiness workout/write in gratitude diary (studies found that if you go to bed feeling more positive, you actually slept better!) Read a book, usually, 5 pages before I pass out!”

Poppy Jamie is an ambassador for Garden Day, a new nationwide community benefit project celebrating the positive impact that gardens have on our mental health and wellbeing, which launched for the first time this year on Sunday 12th May. For information on next year’s celebrations, visit gardenday.co.uk