Here at Hip & Healthy, February is a particularly busy time of year, so we really couldn’t think of a better time to embark on a 3 day juice cleanse with Plenish.

Offering 3 levels of cleanses suitable for juicing newbies to seasoned aficionados and depending on the goals of your detox, we decided to go with a gentler option; level 1, as our first juice cleanse of the year.

A great choice for those who have never tried a juice cleanse, the Level 1 cleanse is also highly beneficial for anyone looking for some liver loving and digestive system support. We thoroughly enjoyed the 6 varieties of fresh cold-pressed juices allowed per day, from our morning LIFT to our bedtime BUILD, each of which provide a varied array of health benefits.

Whilst I’m usually someone to shy away from juice cleanses (I miss solid food too much!), Plenish’s 3 day cleanse was surprisingly easy to follow, thanks to the generous portions of juice provided in each one of the 5 juices and 1 delicious nut m*lk that I eagerly awaited each evening before bed. Read on for a breakdown of the juices included and the nourishing and nutritious benefits that each provides. Happy sipping!

LIFT: Pear, cucumber, romaine, spinach, kale, basil, broccoli lime

Our morning rocket fuel, LIFT is super rich in vitamin C thanks to the combo of greens, perfect for this time of year when warding of winter bugs is our first priority!

CALM: Pineapple, apple, mint, aloe vera

Our favourite of all the juices, not only is CALM true to its name sake, it is also the most digestive soothing juice we’ve ever tried.

BOOST: Spinach, kale, parsley, romaine, cucumber, pear, lemon, ginger

A potent hit of greens with a subtle hint of sweetness, BOOST features a plethora of antioxidant rich, skin glowing greens.

KICK: Lemon, Red Chilli, Lime, Coconut Water, Filtered Water

A delicious mid-afternoon pick-me-up, think of KICK as your cleansing coffee alternative.

PUMP: Beetroot, Carrot, Cherry, Lime, Filtered Water

The perfect evening treat, PUMP features cherry to calm and centre, potassium rich beetroot and carrot to help detoxify the liver.

BUILD: Cashew, Vanilla, Dates, Cinnamon, Himalayan Salt, Filtered Water

Featuring 13.2G of plant protein in every bottle, BUILD includes sleep inducing magnesium rich cashews, blood sugar regulating cinnamon and organic dates for a boost of iron. Plus it’s seriously delicious!

To find our more info on all of the cleanses Plenish offers or to book one for yourself, click here.

Words by Zsa Zsa Vella 

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