How do our favourite healthies in the industry keep motivated? Rebecca Dalby gets their top tips and finds out if they really do practise what they preach

Ever wondered how the trainers who motivate you to keep fit look after themselves too? What or who keeps them motivated? How do they stay healthy whilst juggling busy working, family and social lives with the added pressure of us all watching? Do they ever run out of steam? We asked the top trainers from across the pond and here in the UK, what motivates them and how they manage to practise what they preach!

Ramona Braganza, best known for whipping Hollywood A-listers, such as Jessica Alba, into shape and Owner of 321 Fitness UK, admits it can be hard to get to the gym everyday particularly when traveling around the globe! Ramona explains that she makes the most out of each session by ‘training hard’ and pushing herself out of her comfort zones. Being creative and mixing up her training with Yoga, dance and kick boxing keeps the fun element and stops her from getting bored. When Ramona is back home, she contacts a local Personal Trainer to give her that extra ‘boost’ she sometimes needs on her return from a couple of months of travelling. Her 79 year old, Zumba instructor Mum is her source of inspiration and hopes to have the same amount of boundless energy at that age!

Calgary Avansino, contributing Editor of Vogue and founder of www.calgaryavansino.com practices what she preaches through ‘masterful planning’ and preparation. Each week she prepares vegetable snacks so they are ready to eat should a little munch is in need by any member of her growing family. Cooking in batches at the weekend and freezing soups, stews and sauces also ensures that quick nutritious meals can be whipped up in the evening. Lastly, arming her handbag and desk with nuts, healthy bars and gluten free oatcakes keeps the biscuits at bay!

Julie Montagu, The Flexi Foodie who is a Yoga and Holistic Health Coach plans a week ahead and slots in classes for herself around her teaching schedule. Admittedly Julie knows it is difficult to practise what you preach, however she has found some great shortcuts! One particular favourite is to stick her green smoothie ingredients in the Vitamix ready for the next day. In the morning all she need do is switch the Vitamix on and a healthy breakfast packed full of vitamins and energy is good to grab and go! Julie’s motivation is from first-hand experience. Dramatically switching her lifestyle has given her far more energy and happiness. She strives to be a great Mum, so the extra energy is very handy! Julie also wants to be a healthy and fun role model for her 4, (yes you heard it right, 4!!) children which is the driving source of her motivation.

Brooke Siler, New York Times bestselling Author and Owner of New York City’s most successful studio for authentic Pilates, uses ‘sneaky psychology’ on herself! She says “try one exercise and see how you feel” – inevitably, the moment she gets her body moving she does not want to stop! For Brooke, her main source of motivation is the amazing feeling she experiences from moving with control and the happiness she inherently receives from living a healthy and active lifestyle. For Brooke, it is more of a question of “how do you want to feel today?” and the answer for her is simple!

Richard Callender, Biggest Loser Trainer and creator of Armageddon Fitness and Urban Funk keeps on top of his fitness by training before his clients in the morning. That can mean extremely early if his first client is at 6am! However it then leaves his evenings for much needed down time. Otherwise, training alongside his clients if they are doing a long run or specifically timed resistance sessions helps to utilize his time and encourages clients to keep on going if he is by their side all the way. Interestingly, ‘the need to succeed’ drives Richard and he also has a positive chat with himself. Richard’s top tip is to ‘just make a start…. once the ball is rolling in the workout, it can be hard to then stop!’

Tara Stiles, Founder and Owner of Strala Yoga and Reebok Yoga Global Ambassador, firmly believes that ‘one of our main jobs in this life is to take care of ourselves. We can only give what we have’. Therefore, Tara schedules in daily walks, reading, knitting, daily practise and time with friends and family. Personal reflection is also high up on this Yoga guide’s agenda which enables Tara to be truly whole and connected, always listening and learning so she can be productive and help people in the world connect with themself. Authenticity is clearly paramount as a trainer/leader needs to be fully whole themself before they can help others reach that same goal.

Along with some great tips and advice, one thing is clear from speaking to these highly successful trainers. Daily motivation helps them to prepare, schedule and take action, however it seems to be personal inspiration that drives them continues to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether it is the life transforming energy and wholeness they personally experience from practicing what they preach, their greater desire to help others and make a difference or their beloved family which they seek to inspire or be inspired by.

We generally seek motivation from a trainer, teacher and reading article etc, but do you have a source of greater inspiration? What or who inspires you to continue to be the healthiest and happiest version of you? Tell us @hipandhealthyuk!