Pedal Power

Bex Fairbrother reviews The Pedal Studio in Wimbledon

My relationship with spinning never did run smoothly…you could say it was an uphill struggle (excuse the pun!).  So I was slightly anxious when I agreed to give it another go & the result…well, I’m still aching 3 days after but it was a challenging and…dare I say it, truly rewarding experience.

A stone’s throw away from Wimbledon station, set in this leafy, South-West London suburb is the new addition to the Pedal Studio clan. With branches already in Hammersmith & Putney, Pedal Studio are set to be a force to be reckoned within the fitness world.

The studio is set above a bikram yoga centre and next to a pilates studio so you feel as though you are in a fitness hub which definitely enhances your urge to work out. The studio is situated on the top floor of the building and is both light & airy. The equipment is top of the range & you are able to change the settings to suit your needs with the help of the trusted instructors who will ensure you are safely and securely seated to make for the most comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

There are also a variety of classes on offer including high intensity rides, strength training & endurance, so no matter what your fitness goals there’s something on offer for everyone. With a wide range of class times to pick from, seven days a week, Pedal Studio is a rare find in the oppressive & fruitless world of corporate gyms, trivial joining fees & unfulfilling memberships.

What’s also great about this fitness haven is that it’s pay-as-you-go (or ride) so it takes away the stress and pressure of feeling obliged to work out (which is never enjoyable). Instead you are free to rock up as and when you like and you’re not confined to a contract or joining fee.

With the winter months setting in, spinning is a great way to work out as you don’t have to brave the cold. There are also many health benefits of taking regular spinning classes. First and foremost, it is a low-impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout meaning that it will not damage your joints but will improve your overall cardiovascular health. In fact regular spinning actually helps build lean muscles which helps protect your knee joints, which many people have trouble with.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the instructor Jason who was both friendly and welcoming. At Pedal Studio the instructors are a team of passionate and well-trained fitness professionals who are not only experts in indoor cycling fitness but fanatics. Jason’s energy was infectious – he was encouraging, enthusiastic and kept you informed throughout the class. Such a bonus when you find yourself lagging not only in spirit but also physically due to the lactic acid burn.

The class was carefully constructed with great, motivating music. Each beat was in sync with the specific movements and sequences you are told to carry out on the bike. You are also given a heart rate monitor so you can track your progress (or lack of) compared to your cycling companions. By the time I got home I even had an email waiting in my inbox which showed a detailed graph of my cycling endeavours including my heart rate and calories burnt.

Everything about Pedal Studio was slick, fuss-free & efficient from the enthusiastic instructors to the state-of-the equipment to the simple touches like supplying towels. So if you are looking for a fun, flexible way to work out and can handle the no pain, no gain mantra (as it really does ring true in the case of spinning) then get yourself down to Pedal Studio. You can also burn up to 500 calories in an hour’s class depending on how hard you want to work and will quickly see a dramatic improvement in your overall fitness as well as your physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s a no-brainer if you ask me…one thing, though…bring plenty of water…you’ll need it!!