We’d be lying if we said we’ve never gone through a yoga class where we were constantly pulling up our leggings, tucking in our shirts or adjusting our crops! We are absolutely in love with yoga but downward dog isn’t exactly the ideal pose for regular ol’ activewear. But, by the grace of the fitness gods, we have had some of the ultimate yoga brands bestow upon us the best of the best gear for our practice! We break down our top yoga style rules for sweating in style during our sun salutations! (Try saying that ten times fast!)


Keep it High-Waisted
Like we said, we’d be lying if we said we have never spent a yoga class constantly pulling up our leggings. With different inversions and folds, there are always going to be parts of your body that might make an appearance whether it’s your tum or your bum! Enter the high-waisted legging! We love being able to get our yoga on without having to fuss with our gear. This way we are able to fully focus and enjoy our hour!


Just breathe (Mesh Leggings)
When people think of yoga, they usually think of a relaxing workout, and while it is, we never underestimate the amount of work we are doing and usually work means sweat. We love materials that let our limbs breath especially when we are holding warrior two!


We would be remiss if we didn’t include patters in our top style rules! Long gone are the days of typical black leggings sans any detail. We love that yoga is a sport where anyone and everyone is free to be! Love a crazy and colourful print? Go for it! Add some excitement to your savasana with some of our favourites!


Support for your closest girlfriends!
During a traditional workout, normally we only double-check the supportiveness the bottom of our bras and crops. But yoga is a liiitle trickier. Because we are doing headstands and downward dog, it is important to kit yourself with sportsbras that are equally supportive on top as they are on the bottom. We keep our girls in check with Mara, Alo and LNDR!


4-way stretch (Not just for swan dives!)
Of course yoga keeps us bendy and flexible, but if you aren’t doing your practice in fabric which is meant to complement your movement, then you may as well be tree posing in your best pair of skinny jeans. We love 4-way stretch fabrics that let us move without any limitations so that we get the full benefits from our practice. These leggings are like our second skin!


Add a smile to your chakras
The physical benefits of any workout are always obvious, but it’s the mental benefit that is harder to express. One of the main reasons why we love yoga is because it leaves us feeling relaxed and happy! After all, smiles are the best accessories!

words Nadia Liu