With the warmer months well and truly upon us, accompanied by a never-ending supply of images filled with beautiful beaches and cooling cocktails, the mutual longing for a goddess-worthy glow is only increasing.  The social media whirlwind we are all so familiar with however, has blessed the nation with some of Britain’s most glowing females (Ella Woodward, Madeleine Shaw, Saskia Gregson-Williams, Calgary Avansino – to name a few) who, luckily for the rest of us, advocate an abundantly healthy lifestyle.

With not as much time however to dedicate to embodying a constant picture of health, we want to show you just how you can adapt their glowing agendas into your packed lifestyles.

Do not fret ladies, as we’re here to dissect just exactly how to achieve this.  So without further ado, let’s fast track towards our most radiant selves with these 5 blossoming tips..

Tip 1:  Go Green

It’s time to start from the inside out and, ‘go green’.  Now, aside from being the colour of the moment, more and more people are beginning to realise that perhaps the health police might just be onto something.  The proof is in the pudding, or porridge (or whichever metaphor takes your fancy!), and our favourite gurus are living, breathing examples of what a little bit of greenery can do for our overall wellbeing.

So if you’re wondering where to start, why not begin with a mere handful of spinach thrown in to blend with a smoothie (which, by the way, will make you feel super hip when walking to work in the morning!), a fruit salad with an abundance of gorgeously green kiwi, grapes or diced apple, or perhaps a richly indulgent, but totally guilt-free (of course) avocado toast.

These small changes can make for such a wonderful difference in your mood, health and most importantly, your glow.. feels like a no brainer ladies, so why don’t we say, the greener the better!

Tip 2:  Keep it ‘au naturel’

With the summer stumbling upon us, we find ourselves in a slight predicament with regards to our winter make-up essentials.  We spend our days yearning for the next glow-enhancing promise in the form of make-up and skincare, however post-holiday, once our sun-kissed selves are bracing the world, a new wave of compliments always seem to flood in, so why don’t we just jump straight to that point?

A good place to start is always your moisturiser, which ultimately creates the external foundation for your glow.  Simply allow your skin to embrace the sunshine with a tinted SPF moisturiser for your working days, and opt for a touch of coconut oil for example, on your days off.  Ooh and don’t forget your sun cream!  If you’re anxious about the absence of all make-up however, prep the change with an eyebrow/lash tint and a humble mixture of coconut oil with a lip colour to smooth over your lips.

With all of this in place, you will be on track for your most radiant summer yet!


Tip 3:  Remember to smile!

Why is it that our beaming companions carry an air of warmth and a glimmer of happiness with them wherever they go?  Are they happy all the time, surely not, but their smile instantly transforms the way we perceive them: totally glowing!

Someone noticeably radiant is Kate Hudson; with a lifestyle undoubtedly demanding, two young children, an over-publicised love life and a few film scripts to learn in between (I suppose), each image seen of the Hollywood star is complimented with a wonderful smile, which in turn, gives her a glow anyone would be envious of.

So I suppose this one is, on the surface, pretty simple.  And although it may sound small, another secret to enhancing the glow of your dreams is by doing more of what makes you smile, so make that extra effort to find a way to smile about whatever you may be doing.

Let’s find more to smile about ladies, and our natural glow will flourish wherever we go.

Tip 4:  Get outside

There is not a person who can deny, that post-exercise they feel absolutely wonderful. The endorphin – fuelled high that comes with moving your body around in whichever way you choose, accompanied by a forehead and upper lip sweat of unspoken approval, must just be the ultimate fab feeling!

There can be no time for excuses when it comes to getting in the oxygen, as even a brisk walk will be thanked by your insides. Yes, you heard it, just stepping out the front door for a 30 minute wander will do wonders for that glow of yours!

Exercise also has the most incredible benefits on counteracting stress (don’t worry, we all suffer from it!), which has a horrible tendency of turning into dull, break-out prone skin, so essentially the more exercise you do, the plumper, more youthful, dewy and ultimately glowing skin you will obtain!  Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Tip 5:  Do more ‘you’

At Hip & Healthy we’re all about embracing the best version of ourselves, and so with that in mind, we come nicely onto our final trick for glowing skin, to ‘do more you’.  It’s incredible to see that so little people regard time for themselves as valid.  So you now have our full permission to do that facemask you bought a month ago, read a novel you’re just dying to read, have a night out with some of the girls, and not apologise for it!

There are a few things we just can’t forget about though, make sure you drink two litres of water a day and eat an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies.  We all know they’re good for you and make you feel incredible, and so surely the way we feel is of most importance when striving for an external glow?  Wake up half an hour early to practise yoga, meditate, run around the park, or even to allow time for that fresh juice you wish you had the time to make in the morning.  There isn’t a doubt in my mind that you won’t be grateful to yourself that you achieved something that makes you feel wonderful all before the day has begun.

Likewise, be sure to get those zzz’s in at night – after all, the hours before midnight are most important, right? (Beauty sleep and all!)

So, with these five fabulous fail-proof tricks for a healthy glow in mind, getting that glow we all long for is well within your reach and now is your chance to get started.  Here’s to a glowing revolution, and so in the words of Madeleine Shaw, “Let’s get the glow girls.”

words Jodie Corcoran

Image by Jeff Lipsky for Roxy