Want to know how we stay Hip & Healthy during the summer months? Below are our top 10 wellness hacks that get us through the long (sometimes humid) beautiful summer days!

FOR THE GLOW – Avocado
Get your glow naturally with the most sumptuously nourishing ingredient, the avocado! Rich in monounsaturated fats (which helps improve the tone of the skin) and omega 9s (good for reducing redness and irritation), the creamy avocado is a summer staple we can’t live without!

FOR PERFECT PINS –Louisa Drake Method
Stop googling Miranda Kerr and book a class with Louisa Drake! Her experience as a professional dancer has definitely influenced her training methods which are all about creating strong, lean and lengthy muscles! Her LDM Shape Changer is a cult favourite which does what it says on the label, and her LDM Refine is the one for sculpting your physique and improving flexibility and balance.

Give your hair some TLC this summer with hair masks. Designed to condition and repair dry or damaged locks, hair masks are definitely on our weekly pamper routine! Our fail-safe mask for dry and damaged hair at the moment is Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair Mask. Enriched with B vitamins, argan oil and biotin, we use this once a week for super soft locks.

FOR A FLAT TUMMY – Water and Planks
Want killer abs this summer? Our dynamic duo has to be lots of water and plenty of plank action! Our bodies hang on to water weight when it becomes dehydrated which can leave us feeling bloated and puffy so aim to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Planks are probably one of the best exercises to do to achieve a sleek, strong tummy. Simply hold for 30-60 seconds (or however long you feel you can do) and repeat three times with a 60-second break… add this to the end of your workout for the grand finale! If that’s too easy, add some leg lifts or arm raises to make it more challenging!

Give your tootsies a makeover with our favourite nail polish of the moment, Nailberry! This “5 Free”, non-toxic varnish comes in a wide variety of colours ranging from Cali corals to manhattan reds and we can’t get enough! Order online or check them out at your nearest Wholefoods!

FOR AN ENERGY BOOST –Link Energy + CoQ10
Passionate about keeping their products completely natural, Link’s food-based supplements are made without the use of unnecessary additives, fillers and anti-caking agents. This supplement has two secret weapons cordyceps mushroom and ginseng, both power adaptogens that have been shown to improve energy levels with over-stressing the body.

No one likes dry, cracked lips…, especially on holiday! Our remedy? Hurraw Lip Balm! These deliciously flavoured lip balms are super moisturising and they’re raw, organic and vegan!! Consisting of ingredients like coconut oil and almond oil, these balms are incredibly smooth without being sticky…(hair stuck on lips, not a good look!). For extra protection, you opt for their SPF 15 balm!

FOR A BRAZILLIAN BOOTY – Squats and Body Brushing
You can achieve the booty of your dreams with a little body brushing and a little (really, a lot of) squatting! Body brushing is the ultimate wellness hack and is brilliant for smoothing out skin and generating blood flow around the area and it is one of the best remedies for cellulite. Squats should be your go-to exercise this summer for adding “Volume” to your behind. This non-impact, bodyweight move will tone, define and lift your glutes, giving you the perfectly perk bottom! Perform 15 squats five times with a 60-second break in between and aim to do this twice a day for best results! (To make it more challenging, add some weights!)

FOR AN ANTIOXIDANT KICK –The Beauty Chef Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost
Summertime brings long, sunny days and picnics in the park but being outdoors can mean more exposure to free-radicals. To help protect yourself against these, we’re suggesting to up your intake of antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight and protect us from free radical damage caused by things like car fumes, pollution and even overexposure to the sun. We’re long term supporters and users of The Beauty Chef supplements and their Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost is the first thing we take every morning before we start our day. The Beauty Chef is all about boosting immunity and improving gut health, that’s just a general base for all their products, but their Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost is ideal for fighting environmental stressors with superfoods like papaya, green tea and pomegranate extracts.

FOR THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY SLEEP –Aurelia Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist
Sleep soundly this summer with the help of Aurelia’s Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist. A dreamy combination of calming rose and relaxing essential oils, the scent alone is enough to soothe you to sleep. With base notes of geranium and chamomile, this will help ease tension and stress so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

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