Calgary Avansino – Health Journalist
When you are planning a meal, make vegetables the central focus and then add on from there. Too often, people think first about what protein or carbohydrates they create a dish around. They pile meat or fish, potato or pasta onto their plate and everything else becomes an afterthought or a side dish. Start changing how you prioritise your food and begin putting vegetables first!


Madeleine Shaw – Nutritionist
Be kind to yourself. As woman we compare ourselves to others all day long. Give yourself a break and start being kind. Instead focus on all the flabby bits, focus your attention on everything you love about yourself, the more you focus on this the more it will grow.

 paola di lanzo

Paola Di Lanzo – Founder of Paolas Body Barre
I’d say my healthy habit (or addiction) is eggs! As I’m always on the go and busy racing from one class to the next or from one school drop off to the next, I need healthy “fast foods” and eggs are so easy to prepare! They are loaded with high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats! Whether it’s baked with avocado, or scrambled with spinach, tomato and parsley, eggs have to be my number one healthy habit!

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Cat Meffan – Fitness Blogger
I use my toothburshing time wisely – when giving my teeth a good clean twice a day I use the time to multi task. I’ll either stretch out my quads & calf muscles or I’ll do pliés, heel raises, squats or a wall squat hold for as long as possible. Obviously it’s a lot easier to do if you use an electric toothbrush!

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Danielle Copperman – Model And Qnola Founder
I love to do ten minutes of yoga or meditation a day and schedule in time, even if it’s not for long, to really let go and switch off. Even if it’s in your bedroom and you just lie down for 10 minutes, it can really sooth the soul. I also include essential oils too for a really relaxing, balancing experience.

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Saskia Gregson-Williams – Founder Of Naturally Sassy

My healthy habit is to be prepared. As boring as this sounds, for me it’s absolutely key to keeping healthy and happy! I always make big batches of raw chocolate balls  and sugar free mulberry & apricot bars from my blog to snack on during the week. I make sure to organise my bag the night before, so if I ever have the munchies I have something nutritious on hand! I’m also a big fan of Inner Me’s Energise Capsules, these are my go to’s to keep me sustained and energised throughout the day – I can’t remember the last day I went without this incredible supplement.