New to West London is OPUS, the fitness studio that promises science-led training with impeccable consistency and attention to detail. The H&H team have tried and tested this promise and can verify they passed with flying colours. OPUS is the perfect spot for those who are looking to be monitored closely to ensure their technique is on point! Each class is engaging and full of energy, leaving you flying high with endorphins. As well as group classes, OPUS offers personal training sessions where they build a tailored programme to will help you achieve your fitness potential.


In three words…
Methodical, targeted, meticulous

Who is it for?
There really is something for everyone at OPUS, whether you’re a cardio junkie or a low impact kinda person, they’ve got you covered. All the specialised classes are categorised from intermediate to advanced, so you know what you’re getting yourself in for!

What makes it different?
Each class only allows for up to 8 people, meaning the instructor can fully pay attention to everybody in the room to ensure their form is correct throughout. This is something that is so important during exercise and when classes are packed with up to 30 people, it’s nearly impossible for the instructor to make sure everyone is following the right technique, which often leads to injury. So essentially, they’re like a PT session with group class prices!

Why we love it?
The diverse range of classes, as mentioned before there is something for everyone and some of the classes are super unique. For example, Isolate (see below for full description) targets your muscles like never before. It teaches you to use your body and equipment with such accuracy that really gets into those stubborn areas like your hips and inner thighs!


Our favourite classes…

ALIGN- Intermediate Reformer Pilates
Designed to master your technique, Align will push you outside of your comfort zone. Using the Allegro reformer and hand weights, you’ll hit every muscle in the body during this session! Align is best suited to those who have a few reformer Pilates hours under their belt.
Key Benefits:

  • Muscular Strength & Endurance
  • Muscle Tone
  • Core Strength
  • Alignment


PERFORM- High-Intensity Interval Training
Full of high flying energy, the Perform classes are pretty hardcore! Think SkillMill sprints (curved treadmill), TRX core blasters, plyo box jumps and high-intensity free weight exercises. The class follows a circuit style session which works every muscle in the body. You will leave bursting with endorphins as trainers (and their playlist) will push you to new levels of fitness. 

Key Benefits:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Stamina
  • Fat burning
  • Energising


CIRCUIT- Intermediate-Advanced Level Circut Training
Taking an ‘opus spin’ on a traditional circuit training class, CIRCUIT incorporates dynamic workout equipment such as the squat rack and Olympic bars, cable machine, the ski erg and kettlebells. With only 6 clients in each class, your form will be closely watched to make sure each exercise is completed with maximum output! After a prehabilitation-based warm-up, the pace will pick up quickly, you will be forced to dig deep as each circuit will challenge you physically and mentally.

Key Benefits:

  • Anaerobic Fitness
  • Muscle Strength
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Better Sports Performance


COMPOUND- Strength Training
Aimed at growing and toning the muscles, Compound is a full-body session that will vary in reps, sets, tempo and rest periods in accordance with the pre-designed periodisation stage; this will ensure each muscle group is worked to its maximal potential. Compound is ideal for those that need a little extra attention when it comes to weight lifting, the instructor will demonstrate each exercise so you have complete confidence!

Key Benefits:

  • Muscular strength & endurance
  • Weight loss
  • Toning


ISOLATE- Muscle Toning
Using high repetitions with light resistance, Isolate is a total body workout that will have your muscles crying! Do not be fooled by the term ‘light resistance’, Isolate activates muscles you didn’t even know existed. Using equipment such as the TRX, resistance bands, light dumbbells, pilates balls and ankle weights to enhance each exercise to and target precisely.

Key Benefits:

  • Muscular Strength & Endurance
  • Muscle Toning
  • Increased Mobility and Flexibility

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