Social distancing, quarantine, self-isolation – these are all terms that until a few months ago none of us knew much about. Now we are all too familiar with what they mean and, although we may be restricted from seeing people physically, we are so lucky that in this digital age we can still connect with friends, family and even our favourite wellness practitioners, online. As the Founder of Hip & Healthy, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know where I’d be without my “well-squad”. I have always prioritised the health and happiness of myself and my family above all else and I understand that sometimes taking care of me is the best thing I can do for everyone, especially in times of heightened anxiety. My wonderful massage therapist has sorted out many a knot found deep beneath my shoulder blades from breastfeeding my children when they were babies, my yoga and PT sessions have given me much-needed headspace after a busy working day, I swear by my kid’s new homoeopath and my CBT Therapy sessions are key to me keeping my shit together. 

So, I wanted to shine a light on a few of our favourite holistic practitioners and therapists out there who have embraced online wellness and that are still seeing their clients through an array of online mediums, because I truly believe that investing in yourself could be one of the best things you could do for yourself during this uncertain time.

Tracy Karkut-Law – Homoeopath
Tracy is known for being open, honest and non-judgmental and has over thirteen years of experience in treating all aspects of women’s health. She offers homoeopathy and botanical treatments for hayfever allergy and hormonal imbalance, as well as immunity and skin issues. All Tracy’s sessions have moved online (with a free initial 30-minute call) and she can send the recommended remedies in the post.

Hollie Grant – Personal Trainer
Hollie’s online classes are £10 per person per class, all bookable through the Mindbody and/or Pilates PT app. The classes are a mix of Dynamic Mat Pilates, The Pilates PT Method™, Post-Natal Pilates, Pre-Natal Pilates, and her brand new concept class The Bump Plan.

Claudia Armarni – Health Coach
Claudia’s articles and recipes have been published all over the world, and even featured in the April issue of VOGUE Japan and her blog, The Healthy Gourmet, features an array of delicious and healthy recipes as well as articles to help readers feel their best selves. Her health coaching services can be accessed over the phone.

Carolyne Hallett – Homoeopath
Carolyne treats my kids for a variety of different things and they love her almost as much as I do! Her homoeopathic consultations can be done via FaceTime or Skype and usually last just over one hour. She’ll then post any remedies you might need.

Bhuti – Wellness + Yoga Studio 
Bhuti is one of our favourite wellness hangouts in London, and you can still access many of their incredible classes online – check out the timetable here. Plus, NHS workers have free unlimited online classes – they just have to email [email protected] from their work email and we can get that set up from them. Bhuti is also offering distant crystal healing at  £40 for a one-hour session – book here.

Jenny Jugell – Health + Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher
Jenny is offering one-on-one and one-on-two yoga tuition via zoom. Jenny has also taken all her coaching online as well and offers a free initial consultation to new clients. 

Alex Kremer – Birth + Parenting Specialist
Alex does a lot of her work online anyway, seeing clients all over the world for fertility therapy, birth trauma therapy, hypnobirthing sessions and parenting consultations. And now that doulas are no longer allowed in hospitals as a second birth partner, Alex is now also offering this as remote support via facetime or over the phone, should clients still want support during labour.

Zita West – Fertility Expert
Zita has taken to Instagram since she can’t see her clients in the clinic anymore, so is doing live webinars on the subject of fertility and wellbeing on IGTV.

Lorna Devine – CBT Therapist + Life Coach
Lorna has taken all her sessions online now and is currently offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Coaching sessions online via Zoom at a reduced rate.

Ten Health and Fitness – Physio + Pilates
Although all of the Ten Health + Fitness Studios are now closed, they are now able to offer Physio Consultations, Clinical Exercise and Pilates 1-1 sessions online, delivered via Zoom. 

Isabella Venour – Life Coach
Isabella is taking her coaching and marketing skills online to bring you free Mastermind sessions alongside other like-minded female entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers. Women Thrive online Facebook group has been created to make sure that your business grows during this uncertain and turbulent time. Contact Isabella for more details.

Naked Eating – Nutritionist
Kezra, founder of Naked Eating, is now offering all of her Nutrition Consultations online via Zoom or Skype. Kezra is a fully qualified Nutritionist and Naturopathic Practitioner, having completed her studies at CNM in London.

Abigail James – Facialist
Abigail is offering online skin consultations available to book here. This virtual consultation with Abigail will give you personalised advice from the comfort of your own home. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, Abigail will explore in-depth your skin health, routine, overall wellbeing and lifestyle before determining the best advice.

Neil Seligman – Life Coach/Energy Healer/Meditation Guru
Neil is offering weekly Mindfulness classes and monthly Masterclasses which you can now access from wherever you are. Book here. All of Neil’s life coaching sessions are also now available through skype/zoom.

Zara Smalley – PT + Yoga Teacher
Zara has taken all her clients online, she just asks that she can ideally see their whole body when she trains them. If clients have any home equipment, Zara will use this in their training, however, if you don’t have anything she won’t let that stop you – she’s full of suggestions of what to use around the house i.e water bottles or weighted rucksacks. Zara also specialises in working with pre- and post-natal women.

Wellness Coach Katie – Health + Wellness Coach
Katie is offering her coaching online in the form of a bespoke four-week programme (stress/emotional eating/routines/loneliness/positivity) at a discounted rate (which can be paid in instalments over the four weeks). The coaching involves four x 60minute one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom / Facetime / Whatsapp / Phone. 

Academy Healing Nutrition – Health + Wellness Course
Never before has learning about boosting your immunity and health felt more important, Academy Healing Nutrition has the ability to teach their students modules such as “Food as Medicine” live on Zoom so that there is still a sense of community and connection, you can even still cook along with your tutors.

Maureen Kiely – Fertility Expert + Hypnotherapist
Maureen is offering fertility counselling, executive coaching and hypnotherapy online for her clients. Mindful that many of her clients have children, she works at times to fit with her clients such as early evening once the littles are in bed.

Nymph of Neptune – Astrologer
Hedy, founder of Nymph of Neptune, is offering two types of readings; Astrology readings and Tarot readings. Clients can book directly through her website and all readings are done through Zoom. I can personally vouch for Hedy since she has done my birth chart and we have done a number of readings together. Her guidance can be so comforting at a time of uncertainty like this.

Lisa Lee – Acupuncturist
Acupuncture may not be something that you would think translates to the online medium, but Lisa has worked out an amazing way to use her skills to do just that. Remote consultations with Lisa provide a chance for clients to find optimum health, during these challenging times. The consultation involves a discussion of a person’s main health concerns, and based on this, through the lens of Oriental Medicine, Lisa will devise management strategies – this could be dietary based, suggesting some easy and simple breathing techniques/exercises as well as small adjustments to routines. Where possible and applicable, specific acupressure points may also be suggested. 

Xtrafit – Personal Trainer
Xtrafit is now running online classes so that you can stay active from home, which you can book directly on their website. They are also updating their Facebook page with daily workouts, nutrition tips and recipes. The first online class is free – so what are you waiting for!

Ellie Grace – Yoga + Meditation Teacher
Ellie is now offering her yoga classes and here one-on-ones online to make sure new and previous clients still make sure they get a bit of zen in their day. All classes are 75 minutes long, streamed live via Zoom and include a follow-up video of the class for those who want to start creating a practice library. Ellie is also offering free guided meditations on the Insight Timer App – just search for ‘Ellie Grace’.

Holly Zoccolan – Nutritionist + Health Coach
Holly is continuing to offer her one hour of nutritional and skin health consultations online via Skype. You can book online directly through Holly’s website. Holly says “I absolutely love working online and find it more effective than in person as it works much better around my clients’ schedules”. 

The No Limits Coach – Energy Healing
Siobhan, aka The No Limits Coach, is offering 40-minute energy healing sessions over the phone, WhatsApp and Skype, with text or email support between sessions. Siobhan is also running a free healing prayer line, even for people who don’t believe in God, aren’t religious but feel they need healing support, the link is in my @thenolimitscoach Instagram bio for now, until the pandemic calms down and normality resumes.

Caroline Gaskin – Homoeopath
Caroline is offering regular one-to-ones for online homoeopathy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and has started creating a list of referrals for acute support through fevers, colds, flu. There is also an option to partake in a weekly group Zoom call for her clients to learn how to use homoeopathy at home. With a plan to support pre- and post-natal clients and clients over 70 in a regular online “meet-up” as well. 

Katie Edwards – Nutritionist
Katie has managed to recreate the same high standard of service as an in-person appointment, but from the comfort of your home, using Zoom and does a free 20-minute consultation with all new clients. Check out her profile for a free guide on how to Boost Your Mood with Food as well.

words by Sadie Reid