If COVID-19 has left you feeling iffy about heading back to the gym then worry not, you won’t be the only person whose gym membership card is staying firmly wedged at the back of their purse for the time being. The way we approach working out has changed drastically over the last year and we’ve all had to form new habits and routines to get our dose of movement throughout the week. The age of digital fitness is well and truly here and over the lockdowns we’ve been amazed at what can be achieved through communities online rallying together to bring the joy of group classes to your living room. But while you may be loving that 7am insta live every monday with your favourite trainer, you may be itching to get some more personalised training and guidance back into your weekly exercise schedule. Enter TruBe, the app that delivers world-class trainers to the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere (and it’s more accessible than you think!).

Connecting leading trainers and clients, TruBe is the UK’s premier on-demand training app offering 1:1 coaching sessions. If you’re short on time, or the gym just isn’t for you, TruBe is the perfect solution to your fitness needs. Whatever your goals or fitness levels may be, whether you’re looking to build strength or want to try something new, training 1:1 with a TruBe coach provides a really tailored approach to working out that is often difficult to achieve in a group setting. With the expertise and guidance from a coach that understands your body, your goals and your mindset, TruBe can help you learn to love the process of reaching your fitness goals and aim to make each session fulfilling and most importantly, fun. Top it all off with building back that personal connection we all so desperately need after months of isolation and you’ve got yourself a winning formula that’s not only going to enhance your physical wellbeing but also your mental health too.

“Where do I sign up?” we hear you say…
Booking is SO easy with the TruBe App, just select your style of workout (choose from all sorts like boxing, yoga, HIIT, strength training, meditation, running, pre and post-natal to name a few), select your time and then choose from a highly-qualified list of trainers that match your needs.

A one-hour personal training session with a TruBe PT ranges from £25-£65 (although keep reading for a special H&H reader discount!), this depends on how you choose to train and whether you prefer to pay-as-you-go or buy in bulk. If you don’t live in London, fear not, you can still access the same world-class trainers and get your sweat on in the comfort of your home with virtual 1:1 sessions. A successful workout doesn’t require fancy equipment, but more the knowledge and know-how and whether you’re choosing to train in person or virtually, you’ll have a TruBe professional on your team to motivate and inspire you every step of the way.

As restrictions ease, we think there isn’t a better time to invest in your health this summer and Trube is the digital fitness platform that’s going to help you feel the best version of yourself.

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