Nurture by Carole Bamford, the founder of Daylesford Organic Farmshops and Bamford, is a collection of notes, recipes, and insights from Daylesford Farm, in Gloucestershire. From organic farming to traditional values, holistic health and wellbeing, Nurture takes the reader behind the scenes of one of the most sustainable farms in the UK and brings to life the principles, ideals and goals that inform the author’s way of life. The book covers the full spectrum of life at the farm and features stunning photography.

With sustainability as a key theme, topics such as soil health, biodiversity and beekeeping on the farm are all explored, describing the wider implication of these global issues whilst explaining how readers can transfer some of this knowledge to lead a more conscious life. 

Throughout the book, the author speaks of the importance of valuing the land we live off, of giving thanks for all that we are given, taking responsibility for the long-term health of our planet, how important it is to feed our families well and nourish our body, minds and spirits along the way. 

Nurture spans a full spectrum of topics, from inspiration for entertaining, beautiful flower arrangements and seasonal tabletop displays, to holistic health, yoga, mindfulness and tea ceremonies. Wellness drinks include a recipe for Turmeric and tamarind tonic and Golden turmeric milk, as well as the Balanced, Bright and Bold health-boosting juices, and bone broths. 

Nurture is available here.