My non-negotiable health habit 
Getting enough sleep. I quite often struggle to get a restful night’s sleep, so there are certain rituals I do before bed to make sure I am completely relaxed. I drink the Pukka Night time tea and the herbal remedy ‘Kalms Night’ capsule. I only have my pink Himalayan salt lamp on in the bedroom while I get ready for bed, and I turn my phone on airplane mode. All of these things really help me to switch off. If I am really struggling to silence the mind, I listen to a Headspace Sleepcast and practice breathwork. 

My guilty pleasure 
Watching The Great British Bake Off religiously! Although is that even a guilty pleasure, because everyone loves it?!

My last google search
‘Accidentally vegan foods’. Did you know party rings are vegan?!

My latest Instagram follow
Christian Coelho, my yoga teacher on the Yoga Teacher Training course. @christiancoelhoyoga 

My de-stress tool  
I love using my jade roller with the Smart Skin Multi V Elixir when I have had a stressful day. I find it instantly calming and it’s a lovely ritual that takes hardly any effort at all. 

My beauty ritual 
I use the Smart Skin Golden Jelly every morning and evening to cleanse my skin and remove impurities. The jelly turns into an oil when massaged into the skin, and then when mixed with warm water turns a milky consistency. I then follow with the Super C Moisturiser for a boost of Vitamin C, hydration and protection. If my skin feels like it needs an extra boost of hydration, I gently pat a small amount of the Multi V Elixir over the top, providing a natural glow and layer of protection from the high antioxidants. I also always use a lip balm throughout the day, especially as the seasons change.

My favourite workout right now
I am currently training for my Yoga Teacher certification, so I have been practicing yoga daily. The yoga I am training in is power, so it really is quite an intense workout and I definitely feel it in my body! 

My biggest life lesson
Never give all of yourself to someone or something. Keep a little bit of you for yourself, to love and nurture yourself. 

The Smart Skin collection by Niomi Smart is available from www.mysmartskin.co.uk