One of the biggest motivational tools when working out is  music, however most of us tend to listen to the same type  of music over and over again without changing our playlist.  What was once motivating for you in the summer months  may no longer work now. Why not compile a completely new playlist with all your favourite songs included on it. This will really help to uplift your mood and keep you motivated through the winter months.

Grab a couple of bottles of water, a cushion or a pillow, a chair and a towel. Scatter your equipment around you, put on your favourite music channel on and begin.

Station 1: Legs wide apart feet turned out – sumo squat. Holding both bottles of water sit your bottom back over your heels and swoop your arms between your legs. As you come back up to standing straighten your legs and stretch your arms over head. Repeat 10 times.

Station 2: Grab your towel between your hands and raise it above your head – really pull against the towel with your hands. Keep your tummy pulled in and begin to twist from the waist from Right to Left – try to keep your hips still. Repeat 10 times

Station 3: Run up and walk down your stairs as briskly as you can. If you don’t have stairs try small shuttle runs from side to side. Repeat 10 times

Station 4: Stand on your cushion/pillow and begin to squat down and up, try to stay balanced. Repeat 10 times.

Station 5: Sit on the tip of your chair, facing out. Slide your bottom off the chair and wrap your hands around the front of the chair. Slowly drop your bottom towards the floor at the same time bend your elbows – tricep dips – then lift back up. Repeat 10 times.

Ask a friend or family member to join you in a weekly workout, pick a time and day that suits you both. Take it in turns to choose a different workout each week, with a different location. And try swapping playlists, you’ll be surprised how motivating someone else’s music can be. You can even designate one of you as the ‘trainer’ for that week. Or between you, you could share the cost of a professional trainer. Most reputable trainers come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise and can show you different training techniques and exercises that can help to kick start your training regime. Having someone there to train you can really help to keep your motivational levels high.

Autumn is the ideal time to try out new things, you probably won’t feel like your normal exercise class or activity, so why not try a completely new approach. Most local councils start new timetables in the autumn months offering a host of new activities – martial arts classes, football, ice skating, salsa dancing, badmington, tennis, yoga, ballroom/tango lessons. Why not sign up and try out these classes. Or invest in a new piece of fitness equipment, something you have never tried before. There are many products on the market that are inexpensive and very effective – skipping ropes, agility ladders, chi balls, hula hoops, bands, balance boards.

Choose bright vibrant colours which can really help to lift your mood in the winter months. As the temperature drops outside its very tempting to hibernate indoors. But there are a few things you can do to help to keep you warm on the inside. Layering your outfit really helps to keep your core body temperature comfortably warm, which is always preferable if your training outside. If you really feel the cold, place a few items of clothing on your radiator before your leave.

As the nights draw in exercise becomes less and less tempting, particularly if your favourite time to workout out or class is in the evening. Coming home from work in the dark and venturing back out into the dark doesn’t seem so appealing. As the day progresses we naturally find more excuses why we shouldn’t exercise. Therefore, try working out earlier in the day – before work or dropping the kids at school etc. It not only helps to kick start and energise your body but can also help to clear and settle your mind, in preparation for your day ahead.