By CHLOE, aka the coolest place to eat plant-based in New York City, is bringing its delicious vegan menu to London and we are beyond excited!


The restaurant uses locally sourced, wholesome ingredients to create a whole host of fast-food style dishes that are 100% vegan, from their Portobello meatball burger to mac n’ cashew cheese, as well as a full brunch menu, which includes pancakes, scrambled tofu, quinoa hash browns and much more.


By CHLOE is especially famous for it’s insanely yummy, Instagram-worthy veggie burgers, which have been named New York’s best, and if you don’t believe us, just search #bychloe on Instagram and brace yourself for some serious food porn (over 22,000 posts worth).


Whilst the menu for the London branch has not yet been confirmed, each of the restaurant’s different locations have exclusive regional items and we are desperate to know which British comfort food they will put their plant based spin on… perhaps veggie bangers and mash, or a vegan take on fish and chips? The suspense is killing us!


So whether you are vegan, vegetarian or you just fancy something delicious and plant based we highly recommend giving by CHLOE a visit when it opens this autumn, you (and your taste buds) will not be disappointed!


Keep an eye on their social media @eatbychloe and there website!